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The idea of this blog is to try and explain who I switched from football to rugby and the benefits to me of the change….When I was at school probably early senior or late junior when the boys where choosing the team to support….I already had an interest in rugby but in those days it was not a professional sport and was not that widely followed and it was unheard of for a school boy to support a team or so I believed…. Back to the football in the end I decided there was no chance of getting to see a top club as my Dad had died a year or so earlier so I opted for the local side who were Reading. I didn’t really understand what I was doing and came in for a  lot of stick for picking Reading apart from the milkman who delivered to the school and on more than one occasion bailed me out of a sticky situation. As I got older I started to go and watch Reading and entered into the spirit of things and started to enjoy the game. Then I guess about the age of 21/22 I completely lost the plot and failed to understand what I was doing and I gave it up and he ended my football following….This was the start of the era when football had its troubles on and off the Terrance and I don’t think this helped me either…

  Probably a good 10 years later when rugby was still an amateur sport I sat down on Saturday afternoon when I was feeling very down and at a very low point in my life. I turned on the television to watch Rugby League and that was it I was hooked and by the time of the final hooter I was feeling a lot better and had enjoyed the game…Only two weeks to wait for the next game on the television and that was it I was hooked and for the rest of the season I did not miss a game and was hooked on Rugby League….Next step was to choose a team to follow and decided on Castleford and I still follow them to this day..(picked on the base that I love the gold and black colours on the shirts – thats a good enough reason isn’t it) To this day I am still a league fan and then as union became a professional sport I started to follow this as well especially after League switched to a summer sport….and I could enjoy the best of both worlds……I had always been an England fan and since I can remember I had watch England in the five nations as it was then.

   But the time came just before my eldest was born to go and watch a rugby match as see what it was like in the flesh so to speak and I opted to watch the Bedford Blues as this was close to where I was living at the time….One game and I was hooked and that was it Saturday afternoons were spent watching rugby in the flesh….Then when my eldest was born I stopped going as I wanted to spend the time with her. I introduced her to rugby at an early age she was born in 1994 and by 1995 she was happily cuddling me watching the world cup in South Africa and that was it so  I like to think she was hooked but to be honest it was the 2003 world cup that caught her imagination and we sat together on the sofa and loved the final especially that kick and the lads lifting the trophy….Then in 2007 she didn’t miss a game she knew all the players and the positions and loved it, tears after England lost and a request to go and see a top club game…So I offered to take her to Bedford Blues or Northampton Saints as this was the big club close to where we lived but she opted to go and watch the Blues and that was it by half time she was hooked and checking the program and before I  knew it we were due back there in two week time for our next game…. We have never looked back and she is a Blues fan to the core and loves the game having only missed a few games since….

   The reason for writing this blog was to discuss the finer points of rugby and the points that make this game a better game than football. Rugby is a rough game but the discipline is far better than that of football…The players call the ref Sir and do as he asks and you never see a rugby player chase the referee across the pitch when they are not happy about the decision. Also there is the 10 metre rule if you argue the punishment is moved 10 metres against you. I just wish football would introduce this rule as I feel the game would benefit from this. I do not like the football mentality of chasing the ref when you do not agree…. But for my daughter rugby has helped it lots of ways….she would never do PE at school as would always ask Dad can i have a note please i cant do PE today but now try and stop her….She plays rugby and she now plays for Bedford Blues under 18 ladies team and is thrilled as she gets coached by some of the first team players……

   The only part of rugby that worries me is money, Football has been spoilt by money to the extent where most clubs are on the brink of going out of business and owe so much money…what other business in the world can you lose a fortune and the bank gives you more money without asking a question or a plan for repaying….In the Guinness Premiership only Northampton Saints made a profit last season and that was for £ 20,000 I believe and a team as strong and good at Leicester Tigers who have gates of over 22,000 lost £ 820,000 last season… There is a salary cap in rugby and I would like to see that stay as I would hate for a rugby club to end up in the same position as a top football team….Also I feel there is no need to expand the premiership by more than one of two clubs but I would halt relegation and promotion from the Championship. Starting this season I would not relegate Worcester but I would promote Bristol and Exeter Chiefs as I feel both these teams are strong enough to stand their own in the premiership….(i know there would be an odd number but this would not be a problem)…Then that would be it but I would have  rule whereby if a team was too weak in the premiership they could be relegated and if a team in years to come became too strong in the championship and had the finances to survive I would promote them…This will be for the good or rugby I feel and I would also introduce a limit on the number of foreign plays in a side so to promote how grown talent as believe me there is a lot out there…..The championship is a good league but the idea to make it a professional league last year has not worked you only have to look at Coventry and Birmingham Bees both teams ran out of money this season along with London Welsh but they have fared better…..Leave the league as a semi professional like it used to be when it was known as national league division one….Please dobs at the top don’t kick a team when they run out by deducting 15 points help them out when they need it most…..One good sign  I believe is the new national league division one has improved a great deal this season as the two clubs relegated by the championship have slipped with though and will be in national division two next season….l

Thank you for reading and long live RUGBY……………


What A Day………..

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Decided to get out and enjoy the sun and lovely weather today after this morning’s shock. Thinking this will do the trick and help me little did I know what would happen. Cycling along the Clyde at Braehead across some wooden decking which I have done countless times, but today it was damp and I slipped and crashed in spectacular fashion hitting a barrier at about 20 mph bouncing off and ending with the bike crashing down on top of me. Loads of pain at first thought the arm was broken but then it turns out that was me being a wimp. But after a check up it was revealed that I have a cracked rib and bruising to several other ribs. Not the first time so I know what to expect and that’s 3 months of pain especially when trying to get dressed and in and out of bed tidy the flat laugh do the shopping ironing well fair to say just about everything. Well just my luck and now waiting on number 3 event to round my weekend off. All I ask is that number 3 be nice and easy with as little pain and damage as possible. Thank You.

Its happened again.

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Another day and yet again I am faced with pain after being badly treated by someone, don’t want to go into details but met her a month ago, things going well then all of a sudden total blackout and then this morning an email saying sod off….or words to that effect. So here I am back to square one feeling low sad and tearful and wondering what to do next. Any ideas coz I don’t have any, just fed up with this lark what’s the point of trying to find someone anyway its always going to end it tears as they seem to love playing games with me. Buld me up and then kick me down…..why dont people thing about what they want before they start seeing someone. Like I said to a friend and I should listen to myself ”all the good ones are taken!!!”

Silent Sunday

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Silent Sunday……….



Silent Sunday……..

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Silent Sunday…………



Silent Sunday……



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