Yesterday Rugbymadd and i went to Welford Road to watch Leicester Tigers vs Saracens….The weather was more like November than May with the floodlights on well before half time….We braved the rain and stood around for a couple of hours so that we would have a good view.
Rugbymadd was looking forward to seeing Mauritz Botha play, a second row player for the Saracens who played for the Blues last season. We were surronded on the terrrace by a what we took to be a regular group of Ladies who spent the afternoon stuffing their faces with cakes sausage roll etc and i must say Ladies you most certainly managed to put a fair amount of food away. During the game Rugbymadd and i were chatting about Leicester and decided that there were not the team there were this time last season. Just chatting about players and the players we would have picked….Meanwhile Saracens played a blinder and deserved to win the game, their defence was fantastic…. On leaving the terrance rugbymadd informed me that the ladies next to us all second half had made remarks about her calling her a silly cow etc…Now ladies rugbymad is only 15 but watches about 50 games a season at all levels from international to local and she does know what she is talking about and is entitled to an opinion about the game…No harm was intended by her coments they were just what she felt and you should have been big enough to chalange her there and then rather then moan behind her back….
Rugbymadd was not bothered by this but next time ladies talk to her….you might be suprised at her knowledge…….