The General Election…….

As I am sat here writing I am also watching out of the corner of my eye the new prime minister making his speech…..I got me wondering what could have happened…If Labour had done a deal with the Lib/Dems then they would also need the help of the Welsh Nationalists and the Scottish Nationalists I was left wondering what could have happened. Now when the dreaded cuts came about that we all know have to happen what really would have happened…..

    Gordon Brown or whoever was in charge of the government would have been stuck…I can just see it now the Welsh and Scottish MP’s saying no cuts for us otherwise all bets are off and its General Election time. So all the  cuts that would have gone through would  have affected England only and the English Schools ,Hospitals, Fire Service, Police Force as we are not represented in the new Parliament. Who would have stood our ground and protected out services…Well I will tell you know one would and we would have taken the brunt of the cuts while Scotland and Wales would be much better off.

  So maybe we should be relieved that this election has lead to a Tory Lib/Dem Parliament and we can now let out a sigh of relief and wait and see what the coming months bring….I would like to think that Vince Cable is the new chancellor and I feel this is far more important that Nick Clegg being Deputy Prime Minister….

  I still don’t understand why there was all the hype about the PR at the start of the talks…this was never on the cards as it’s not that important…Our debt  is far more important and as soon as we get the spending under control the better its needs to be sorted quick….The debt is rising by half a billion pounds a day and that’s not good….We need a plan to get this paid off so that we can move forward and then when that is on the road to recovery please by all means you can discuss the PR and voting system but please let’s get this debt sorted and this great country of ours back on the straight and narrow….

  Now David Cameron I will leave it with you and I hope you have the sense to get this mess sorted and appoint Vince Cables as chancellor, the only man in authority who saw the banking crisis coming…Maybe I should say wanted to admit that the crisis was coming as I am sure RBS and the others knew something was happening, because I sure did….Hence I closed my account and moved my money from RBS days before the wheels  fell off…

   I still feel this was the election to lose as the decisions are going to be tough and when the next election comes along guessing about a year or two then it will be all change again and the next winner will get longer as hopefully things will have improved a little bit…

  If you’re interested my Politics are left and of a socialist nature but I don’t feel I can be represented by Labour as they have a spend spend and never pay back attitude…So where do I go and who do I vote for.  Well one of my twitter friends suggested a site to me and I tried on the day of the election and i came out as a Green supporter….I was shocked but then maybe that’s the way i am going….I want to spend but i need to have a way to cover the spending with the borrowing and if that cant be done i don’t believe in the spending…I don’t believe is spending a fortune on people who will never work and have no intention of working but I do believe in supporting people who are in difficult times and need help to get through a difficult patch….

Thank you for reading……