Work and my struggle to adjust to the new working hours……

I am still struggling with sleep and work after a month of not working nights, it has not helped that for the last two and a half weeks I have had to work the late shift so I don’t get home until a quarter to one in the morning and that is my usual work time so I don’t feel tire and most nights I don’t get to sleep until about 6 in the morning and a few hours later its up and off to work….One day last week I didn’t get to sleep until ten and was up again at eleven…nightmare….But after next week I am back to my regular new shift of 6.30 until 3.30/4.00 which I am looking forward to that…..

   There are some things happening at work that I can’t mention in this blog without getting into serious trouble so I wont….But I am enjoying the new hours the work has changed and there are frustrations that are taking time to get used to…Like other people in the office and the noise it a pain and I do find this a struggle….Also I have found that there are a couple of witches in the office too and I wasn’t expecting that….Cackling in the afternoon is not pleasant on the ears….

  I am slowly adjusting to working with other people, but I do struggle with talking to people when I am working as I have not done this for years…. The other problem I was not expecting to have is the number of times I have to stop in the middle of something to talk to someone about work related issues…..Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying it and I am learning so much at the moment which is good and for the future I see this getting better and hopefully it won’t be long before I get a crack at doing some projects for the new system and that is what I am really looking forward too….

  I now work with a boss that I like and that is a first I can tell you, I actually get on with the guy and like him….(think he is the same) He has noticed that I have a talent and us using my knowledge of the business and is always picking my brains, I did not expect this at the start but I do enjoy it and feel touched that he seeks my advice…..

  So one month down and I am adjusting to the different work all be it slowly but the best bit I am loosing loads of weigh which is an added bonus that has thrilled me…I eat far less and I now believe I used to eat on nights for the sake of it…..

Looking forward to the future and now my plans for overseas see further away than then did a couple of months away but they are only postponed and will happen one day and then the blogs will be interesting….I promise….

Thank you for reading…….