I love Books……………….

As some of you may know I have dyslexia, and this posses a few problems when it comes to reading and writing especially grammar and spelling. But despite dyslexia I have developed over the years a love for books and reading and I have to confess to being able to sit down in an evening or go to bed early and read rather than watch the television.
At this time I find myself in a strange situation or what I feel is strange as I have four books on the go and I am enjoying them all just as much… I have split the books into four groups, one for the commute to and from work, one for in bed time of day, one for the sofa (this is usually a hardback book) and a sitting in the garden with a cuppa book.
The on the train book has just changed as on Monday morning I finished reading a book called ‘’Child 44’’ written by Tom Rob Smith this was an excellent book and well worth a read, the story is set in Russia under communism at the end to Starlin’s reign and is a fascinating story about a series or murders that the authorities do not believe are happening because who would you commit a crime in the perfect world of communism. All in all a great read brilliant story with plenty of twists and well worth reading…. Next is the sofa book which is called ‘’Lake Boats’’ “The enduring vessels of the Great Lakes’’ by Greg McDonnell and is a non fiction book about the coasters that ply their trade across the great lakes of America and Canada and there are some great pictures which tell more than a thousand words as well as some stories from the sailors of these coaster another great read.. For the commute to work I am reading a book by Gerald Seymour and is called the ‘’Unknown Soldier’’, I have only just started this book but it’s already proving to be a great read and I know I won’t be disappointed as I have read so many Gerald Seymour books over the last 30 years and never been disappointed.. For the cuppa in the garden and enjoying the warm fresh air is called ‘’Kilo Sierra Five One’’ and is written by Steve Woodward who was a policeman in the city of Portsmouth in the late 70’s and 80’s it’s a city that I was familiar with at this time and it’s a great insight to what went on and I remember so many of the haunts that he mentions…. The last book I am reading is a Jack Higgins book called ‘’The wolf at the Door’’ and is another good read, I must have read all of Jack Higgins books over the years and he is my soap opera as I am just hooked on the characters and they are such easy books to read and such good stories.
I sometimes have to read the page several times to get to find out what is happening and keep up with the story as sometimes the dyslexia is worse than others and the words can be moving all round the page I have help in the guise of a green plastic type sheet that I either place over the page and calm the words down or I place under the page to stop the words moving. I am probably not explaining this very well as I can’t find the words but it does help me a lot when it comes to reading, I also it helps with my dyslexia if I try and read on a daily basis and I do find if I don’t read for a week or so I do have problems and it takes a few days to get back….

Happy Reading and thank you for reading my blog………