NHS vs Private……healthcare…….

Well I never thought I would write this blog…..I have for ever since I can remember been a massive fan of the NHS and never believed in private medical care. I am lucky to have an employer who provides me and the girls with private medical care but I was sure I would never want to use it….The NHS were fantastic when 2 years ago a had a large heart attack and a Pulmonary Embolism…

About six weeks ago I had a nasty infection on my tongue and it was very painful, I was given antibiotics and sent me on my way by the GP. My local GP doesn’t not provide a very good service but then it’s a big practice and I get the impression that there are an awful lot of timewasters. So to get to see a doctor it’s a couple of phone calls and a question and answer session with a doctor. Then you get an appointment and then it’s off to the surgery to join queue after queue before getting to see a doctor an hour after the appointment time…..

The first visit helped for a few days then I went downhill again and I saw a different doctor who admitted he didn’t know what had happened or what was wrong and took some swabs and then gave me some new medication and I was sent on my way….With an appointment made for two weeks time to get the test results and see what was needed to get me back to full health….The two weeks passed and I felt slightly better but in true style the swabs had been lost and the doctor still didn’t know what was wrong what had caused the problem of what to do. So he said he would refer me to the hospital and see what they said…. I am still waiting for the hospital to contact me and offer an appointment….Well things have changed this week I have felt very rough and suspected I had man flu but this morning by mid morning I was feeling so ill I was struggling at work and just wanted to crash out….My boss sent me to the company doctor which is a private service offered under the medical insurance. I was there 30 seconds and I was seeing the doctor and he took one look and said. You need to see a dentist as a tooth has moved and is catching the tongue and given you the biggest ulcer i have ever seen. So back to work I went and rang my dentist and asked for an emergency appointment and they offered one in three weeks time….Then changed that to two and a half weeks. I was stunned and didn’t thing I could wait that long.

My boss rang the practice and asked again on my behalf explaining this was an emergency and a letter or referral from a GP could be provided and then if it wasn’t deemed an emergency he would pay… This didn’t work he then spoke to the company legal rep and NHS direct and after about half an hour I was registered with a different dentist in Kettering about 7 miles from home but they wanted to see me this afternoon… I saw the dentist who was puzzled by the tooth that had moved but said I will file the point down to relieve the catching and pain and I will treat the pain and infection and I want to see you in a week to see how things are……Once the infection and pain is under control the dentist has promised to sort the tooth out even though she admitted she didn’t know what to do about it at the moment and may have to see advise from elsewhere…..We had fun and games as they could not get the aesthetic into the area as the infection was so mad and in the end she had to file the tooth without any pain relief and ignore me being a wimp and get the tooth sorted.

Now if it had not been for private medical care I would be sat here this evening feeling worse than I do now and not knowing when the pain was going to end….At least now I know in a few days I will start to feel better….So I have to admit private medical care does have its benefits and I am grateful to my employer for providing this service for me and the girls…. I would also like to thank the new practice for seeing me at such short notice today and the dentist for helping me…….

Thank you for reading my blog……