This morning at the prospect of a lovely warm summer’s day ahead I decided to take my camera for a stroll along the banks River Nene and see what I could find and then have a go at including some of the photos in my blog.

   These horses are a very common sight in the fields by the river, the horses belong to Gypsies and or travellers and I do feel for the horses…There are left in a field with very little natural shade and no food apart from the weeds now crowing in the field….The horses rely on local people who walk here popping into Tesco and buying some carrots apples etc for the horses. These horses are here all year round and in the winter the fields are prone to flooding but the horses are still there. The RSPCA are aware as I have complained on a number of occasions but nothing seems to be done and i am sure i am not the only one to complain……

  I came across this Herron sat on the weir as I was sat at a Lock that looked to have seen better days but was still in working order I think I must have startled the Herron as he was soon airborne after this photo……

 I am sorry that the camera did not do this justice as it was a stunning sight to see the Herron in full flight…..The river bank was alive with activity mostly dragon flies who were busy flying around and the water was crystal clear and it was lovely to watch the fish swim around mostly Roach and Perch and I would say a few Roach to about a pound and plenty or Perch to about half a pound….Lovely sight with the water lilies coming into flower…..

Then I came to the old railway Viaduct and waited what seemed an age to see a train cross so i got see the viaduct in action…I was so disappointed all I got was a maroon coloured (guessing that must be the corporate colour scheme of the company that has the freight franchise) locomotive….(I believe it’s  a German company and the engines are soon to be painted bright Red)……What

I was really hoping for was a steam locomotive in all its glory crossing over the viaduct….(well I can dream cant I)

While stood waiting for the train I ended up having a sneezing fit in the long grass and as a result I startled a family of ducks quiet accidently…….

And Finally I found this chap in among all the swans on the promenade…..not sure where he comes from but he seems very happy being with the swans and not with his own……Didn’t seem bothered by me trying to take his photo while he was having a wash…….

Thank you for reading and i hope that you have enjoyed the photographs….This is my first attempt at using photos in a blog or using photos with word for that matter any tips hints or criticism would be gratefully received and useful for next time….I now regard this blog as something of an achievement for me being such a luddite and having to overcome so many problems…..but i made it in the end……Thank you again……