This has been a rather strange week with loads going on…….

   Firstly I  thought I had the sleep problem under control but oh no it wasn’t and I have had a terrible week sleep wise with about an hour or so a night each night for the last week….I am shattered now but still not getting any  better and I have tried a number if things to try and help the situation but guess I  just have to put up with it for now…..I get tired but as soon as the head touches the pillow that’s it and I am wide awake and the harder I try to sleep the more awake I am…..I was so tired this week that I  even managed to publish wordless Wednesday in the early hours of Thursday morning as I was so tired I completely forgot about it on Wednesday…..

   Thursday saw a visit to the Oval with lads from work and it was a great evening to watch Surry vs Middlesex in a T20 game. Surry didn’t offer much in the way of attacking batting and made 120 for the 20 over’s but i did get to see Andrew Symonds knock a quick 19 off before he was caught….Middlesex soon got to the needed 121, but there was a spectacular catch taken by surrey and he caught the ball on the boundary managed to throw the ball up in the air crash over the rope regain balance cross back and catch the ball….amazing and right in from of me too….but I was a great evening and the weather was perfect and I guess there was a crown of 20,000 for the game….not sure I like the dancing girls on the outfield but all other aspects of the game were great and its a great for the cricket well worth going to see….

   Thank you to everyone who gave me ideas for my holiday and I now have loads of ideas and a itinerary is now taking shape and things are looking good…..I also bought a book on Amazon that details cycle routes around the capital so I am going to try some of those too…

   I have ordered a couple of new bikes one a mountain bike and one a road bike through the cycle to work scheme at work….I have decided to conquer my fear of cycling as I have struggled to cycle as much as I used to since I had a nasty accident in December 2008 that left be badly hurt and badly treated by the Northamptonshire police….I was hit by a Police Officer who was off duty who was at fault but because of who he was etc he was never held to account never interview neither was I or the witnesses and when I made a complaint that was fobbed of and that wasn’t investigated properly and I have to admit I believed that when I made the complaint I would get a fair hearing this wasn’t to be….Things happened that I thought would never happen in this country when it comes to the Police Service….I am left angry but one day I may publish the full story on my blog….

  The bike saga has been a pain thanks to Halfords who gave me a quote originally and a price and said they would take a company cheque….So off I went with my cheque and they had changed the rules and wouldn’t take a cheque but said try on line and they would then build the bikes for me in store….I did this and that failed as they bikes I wanted were not available to me online and only in store so work gave me a cheque made out to me and I cashed it and paid cash that way and i ordered the bikes this last Tuesday and they promised to have them ready for me on Saturday morning. One of the bikes was in Coventry but the chap in the store new a manager there and arranged to have this bike sent to the Wellingborough store. So come Saturday morning i went down to my local store to collect and to my horror both bikes were not ready and one is still in Coventry….So it was agreed that both Bikes would be ready for 1pm this afternoon so off I went again expecting one to be ready and I was so right…Just the one and the other still in Coventry awaiting collection….However there were apologies this time and I was assured that it would arrive in store on Monday and I was also promised £50 of gift vouchers for my trouble and they agreed if they failed to meet the deadline tomorrow I would get an upgraded bike….Having seen the upgraded bike I am kind of hoping they miss the deadline, i know that a horrible thing to say but it’s the way I feel……

  Now work was kind of interesting this week too, a  little on the busy side with a major problem coming to like on Wednesday afternoon and upon further investigation has happened more times than you can imagine so far this year…..The provider of this service was convinced  that it was not there problem but in the end I was able to prove that it was and off they went to looking further into the problems….However this was a problem I had expected to happen and for years I had been warning people that this would happen but got no help of assistance until the shouting happened on Wednesday afternoon….But as I explained to everyone there is no point shouting and blaming lets work together to make sure that this does not happen again…..

   Yesterday was My eldest daughters day in the limelight, she loves dance and loves ballet and so you get the full picture is also a rugby player….but she has dance classes once a week and the dance school she goes too yesterday held they show in the local theatre and it was amazing…..I was so proud of her and she was stunning and I could see all the effort that she puts into dance coming through during the show….She did so well and I am so proud of her….

That concludes my week and thank you for reading my blog……