I have decided to change the theme of my blogs for a while and write some reviews on what I regard as the best albums in my collection…Guessing if  I did one a week I would be going until the end of time but not sure that would be a good thing and maybe I should review a few of the howlers I have bought too. There are a few in the collection that I have never listened to all the  way though not even once  just the once….But there are a few that got discarded on the  first play only to make it to the one of the best piles a few months later….

  As some of you are aware I have dyslexia and this is a struggle to write so unlike the usual newspaper/magazine review there will be no long complicated words and descriptions that I do not understand or make sense of…

  Today’s album is new to me and it only arrived last Thursday but already has left a huge impression on me….I was introduced to this music by @himupnorth from twitter on one of his blogs and the album is called ‘’Catching a Tiger’’ and is by Lissie who is an American, The sleeve notes describe it as folk/county/rock, she reminds me of Mindy Smith and Sheryl Crow a cross between the two but a lot lot better. I would call this rock more than I would call it folk or country so please don’t be put off by that…

  Best tracks have to be ‘Cuckoo’ where her voice comes through perfectly with the guitars and the lyrics are perfect and it’s a very catchy tune and I have to say this is the best track on the album with lyrics like ‘fire the  pickup truck that’s roars like a lion’’ in the chorus I just love that  and then the songs slows tight down for the Cuckoo and then the same lyrics are repeated at the end but much faster and heavier and to great effect. But it’s so hard to sort out what’s exceptional against what just plain sublime.

   Another song that stands out is ‘’Stranger’’ and this reminds me of someone but for the life of me I cant think but this is a lovely song too….The song does have a sad theme to it about bullying and domestic violence but again the guitar arrangement on this song is so different from the last song which is very refreshing to hear….maybe you could say at a stretch this song has a country feel to it…..

‘’Little Lovin’’ another gorgeous track slowed down and her vocals are outstanding and come across very clear and with just the right mix of drums and guitars but I must emphasize that her vocals are outstanding and you get to appreciate what a great voice this girl has…..Another track ‘’Angels’’ shows how good this girl is at singing as the song slows down and her vocals are perfect……and there is a fantastic deep drum in the background that adds to the atmosphere of the song….

  ‘’In Sleep’ is another superb track and  I just love the guitar solos at the end and this has a real rock feel to it, almost at 70’s classic rock and would have sounded great at the Hammersmith Odeon at that time for those of you old enough to remember…The stage came out like a pier in the middle and the guitarist would walk down to the end go down on his knees and play the solo, saw that a few times including a very good mickey take from Andy Partridge of XTC…..

Overall this is a fantastic album and well worth a buy and its available for £7.99 in cd format for people like me who still want to own an CD even if its only ripped to the computer and then added to the ipod never to be played again. At HMV.com or from Itunes store for £5.99 and it’s well worth buying….I hope you have enjoyed reading this review but I am quite confident that the album reviewers at NME have nothing to worry about as I won’t be getting a phone call….

Thank you for reading my blog…….