KGB vs Northamptonshire Filth…………

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Ever wondered why happened to all the bad guys in the KGB/GRU (Russian Secret Service equal to our MI5 and MI6), once the cold war was over and Glasnost had taken its toll…….

   Well this afternoon I had the pleasure of finding out and I can say they are all alive and well working as PCSO’s for Northamptonshire Police…..It was raining at lunchtime and I wanted to get my blip done and uploaded so off I set on the bike wearing water proofs and soon the weather had improved and I found myself in an industrial area, I knew there were fields in the area with horses. But I came across an Truck repair shop and in the car park was a fire engine….Unusual in design and rather larger with a tri axle configuration. Looking on Google I have found that the fire engine is new and belongs to Essex County Fire Service….So not sure what it was doing here. But I took some photos for possible use in my blip. If you are not aware a blip is a photo you take and upload that day to a website called the idea being to upload something from the day….

    Once the photo was taken and the weather was improving off I went in search of something else that would or could be better, but I was stopped by the local PCSO’S three in total in a car…. Asked the usual questions name address what are you doing…I explained I didn’t not want to give my name and address, however after a standoff I said my name was Bilbo Baggins and I lived in the woods at Irchester and my occupation was part time Freedom Fighter,  but I was happy to explain what I was doing and show them the photo’s, if I had been up to no good when I saw them I would have made my exit downhill instead of heading uphill, but this wasn’t good enough….What was I going to do break in and nick the fire engine….yeah like where would I keep that hidden…Don’t think so….Not happy they called for reinforcements but in the meantime a wasp had got into the Police car and panic took over and three PCSO’s came flying out of the car shouting and screaming and in a right flap….At this point I decided to get on my bike and make a hasty exit…..So off I went and I still don’t know what happened if they tried to find me…I just hope the wasp is ok and they didn’t draw battens and strike out at the wasp….So the KGB is alive and trying to frighten innocent people in Northamptonshire……

  I maybe making some fun of this incident but the sad side of this is that I have learnt than there were a number of bag snatches from the car park at Morrison’s this afternoon…..Now the PCSO’s sat in the Car Park at Morrison’s would have been a much better use of resources instead of harassing an old git with his camera…..

This is the photo……..


Try Fest on the opening day of the Championship Season…….

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Try Fest at Goldington Road

  This afternoon was the opening afternoon of the RFU Championship (the second division in professional rugby one below the Aviva Premiership). Goldington Road is the Home of my team Bedford Blues and this afternoon we were playing Plymouth Albion. There was a decent crowd  about 2,500 and the sun was shining and the pitch looked cracking…..

   The game got off to a good start for about the first 10 minutes both teams were evenly matched and I thought it was going to be a tough game for the Blues but how wrong I was. About a quarter of an hour into the game James Pritchard our Full Back slotted over a penalty for us to take a 3 nil lead.  Shortly after this a good move by the backs lead to Sacha Harding going over  for the first try of the season and an 8 nil lead, then Albion came back fighting and soon were awarded a penalty from inside their own half where Alex Davis slotted over to make the score 8 3.

   Ollie Dodge went over to score his first try in the corner and the Blues were 15 3 up now and minutes later Ollie Dodge went over in the same spot for his second try and Blues were leading 20 3 and it stayed that way until half time, it left me thinking and hoping for one more try and that would give us the bonus point. But how wrong I was and I was expecting to see an Albion side that would put up a fight but within minutes of the restart Dan Richmond our hooker went over and James Pritchard converted and the score was 27 3 and the bonus point was in the bag. Next it was the turn of Ollie Dodge to score for his hatrick and  the score was 32 3, next up it was the turn of Duncan Taylor to score and James Pritchard slotted over the conversion and we were leading 39 3. After this try Albion managed to get some possession and the heavens opened and this isn’t good as the Blues never play well in the rain as they like

to play a passing game…Blues took the pressure and Albion failed to add to their tally, and the it was the Turn of James Pritchard to score and convert to bring the scores to Blues 46 Albion 3. The final try of the afternoon was the best Brendon Burke was just inside the Albion half and about to be tackled when he kicked the ball through but it skimmed the grass and stopped before the touch line an Albion player tried to pick the ball up but miss judged and Brendon got to the ball again and this time kicked toward the corner and Sacha Harding ran on got to the ball was tackled but managed to keep the ball in play and flicked the ball to James Pritchard who went over to score and the Final score was 51 3. Fantastic game and well played all.

The Blues played well today and I hope they keep this up for the coming season I don’t feel it’s fair to pick a man of the match as they players played so well but I will mention a few, Paul Tupai Sacha Harding, Jackson Wray, Ollie Dodge, Darryl Veenendaal, Duncan Taylor  and Brendon Burke. I will also say the Referee had a great game and was excellent thank you Ref……

Religion vs Blogladesh……………………

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Sorry for the beak in my blog….have got bogged down with several things….maybe one day I will write about this but not sure that now is the right time…..

What I wanted to have a moan about today is something that came to my attention on twitter where there is a campaign to bring attention to the fact the 90 percent of babies in Bangladesh are born at home and have now medical assistance, and then speaking to people at work just got me really confused……

This is going to be about Religion versus the rest of us……As you are aware its Ramadan at the moment and the month when Muslims fast…..The guy who sits next to me at work is a young Muslim who’s parents came to England in the early sixties from Bangladesh…..He has grown up in the East End of London but still feels he has strong ties to Bangladesh. I tried to explain to him about blogladesh and the problems facing babies in Bangladesh but he didn’t want to know feeling he should donate his money to the Mosque…..

My reason for a moan is the Mosque he attends is putting pressure on people to donate money towards the expansion of the Mosque and there is no mention about donating money to save the children and the work being done in Bangladesh. The quote from the mosque is ‘’Donate a tile for yourself or a loved one this Ramadan and secure your reward in the hereafter’’ To me this quote says it all and it’s so WRONG….If you believe in God then it’s a matter to help others first and then worry about building a structure to worship in once all the problems are sorted…. I do not have a religion and feel religion is about my invisible friend being better than your invisible friend but this has upset me….Surely Babies are far more important than a mosque and I just can’t believe that the people are encouraged to donate between £ 1,500 to £ 5,000 for a tile rather than donate to help babies…..This is so wrong or am I missing something????

Thank you for reading my blog………………