I have had a very busy few weeks with work etc taking a lot of my time and also some good times too and the Blues have had a dream start to the season losing 1 of the first 6 games and that’s been brilliant but the big test is this Saturday with Worcester at home.

But the real hassle in my life has come from the CSA and the Taxman, first the Taxman has decided that I owe over £5,000 and this has built up over the last 2/3 years as I am PAYE I don’t understand. Well I am pleased that I don’t understand because when I try at talk to the Taxman he does not understand either. I pay tax for a car that I returned two years ago. My P11D does not show the car yet the Taxman wants me to pay tax, but he doesn’t know why. I ask him to explain if I am PAYE how come I owe so much but he can’t explain that one either. Pattern forming and he is most unhelpful. I have resorted to writing to ask for an explanation as it does not work on the phone, they blame my employer but my employer returned the necessary forms without a car yet the taxman says I have a car. I asked the taxman to speak to DVLA as I am not allowed to drive due to ill health. But the taxman said that is not a valid reason not to have a company car. So the letters go to and forth and they demand money I don’t have.

Now the CSA has joined in and my ex went to them as I missed a payment due to the fact she changed her name I wasn’t told and my bank couldn’t apply the funds so sent them back so I sent a cheque and due to the fact my crystal ball was broken I got the wrong name. Now I was paying 20 percent of my take home after tax as per the CSA website and all was ok, but now the CSA are involved they have decided to need to pay a lot more and the CSA are a law unto themselves I can tell you. I am now at the stage that I will have to give up work as I can’t afford to go to work all because some civil servant can’t understand maths. I explained that I have to pay high travel costs for work etc and asked for this to be taken into consideration and they said no. I then said if that’s the case I would have to leave work and give up my house etc and move to the park bench. Their reply was that’s fine with us as you won’t be able to make any payments. I don’t get that surely some money is better than non but I guess the CSA know best. I now have to pay over a third of what I take home and I believe this is way too high and surely I should pay towards my daughters having a decent standard of living as they are 13 and 16 and not for their mother to work part time and fund a 4 bedroom house while i live on a park bench.

I have a few ideas on the go at the moment that could help me and I could end up paying a more respectable amount but I can’t say anything at the moment. But I would like to say a special thank you to a special friend who has been a great help to me these last few weeks…You know who you are and thank you again………..