I have had this strange feeling today, at first I shrugged it off and thought nothing of it but as the day has gone on things have got worse….I awoke this morning to find a note on the door mat from the ex demanding to know whether my daughter was staying with me this weekend….(She is and it was arranged ages ago) Then I started to receive text messages and emails asking the same…I should point out that this was all sorted out at the beginning of the week and my daughter was going to stay with a friend on Friday night and me on Saturday night. However the friend was ill so I received a phone call to say Dad can I stay Friday please. No problem I am out but she is old enough to look after herself and has a much better idea on how the TV etc works…..
I did not respond to texts emails as I was seeing my daughter this evening to collect a bag from her and give her a key on her way home from college and as she would be late home and miss her tea I took her to McDonalds to feed her.
On the way home I felt I was being followed and spotted a car that I recognized as being the ex’s car driving around where I live. Since being home I have popped my head out of the door and the car is sat there and my house is being watched. Not sure why this is as it all seems very tedious to me and pointless. In her last email she has asked to see inside my house to make sure that it is fit for my daughter to stay in. I have ignored this request as she has stayed here many times and there has never been a problem.
So I will go about what I have to do tomorrow and have a good time and wish whoever is following me good luck and can’t wait to see how far you get…..but I bet you never find out where I am going……