Loads of strange stuff is going on and I can’t write about it on here as it’s a subject of an investigation at work…….but I did learn something of interest and something that has upset and frightened me yesterday from my line manage.

Like most people I have a facebook account, don’t use it much but have it as a way of keeping in touch with my daughters some important friends and some mates from my days in the Royal Navy. I have a friend on there that I used to work with years ago and it just happens that she is married to my line manager.
Anyway yesterday my line manager asked some odd questions about the people who comment on my blip (have moved my blip now to somewhere more private as I was fed up with comments from work people also done the same with my twitter account and made that private these people have not sussed this out yet and keep asking when i will publish a blip again so they had take the Mickey) I thought this was odd and more questions followed so I asked if he was checking up in me and he admitted that he was. He does not have a facebook account as he does not see the need for one but he does see the need to find out what I am doing who I speak too etc.
As you can imagine this has upset me and I have removed his wife from my friends, at the weekend I removed everyone from work from there too. At this rate I will be a Billy no mates……
But I just don’t understand why he was so interested in me and what I do who I talk to etc, I think part of the problem is that every bloke at work is pre occupied with trying to find out if I have a girlfriend of not…..let’s just face it I am never going to tell you lot as you’re not part of my life and don’t need to know……It all just goes to prove that blokes are worse than girls….You can talk to girls at work about anything just for a chat how are you etc, but blokes its only football and girls and its getting so boring……..
and they love to talk loudly about subjects that they know will upset you……