If you have read my earlier blog about the CSA chasing and hassling me.
My ex called in the CSA when my bank missed a payment as she had changed her name and the bank was not aware and nor was I for that matter. After hassle and the CSA coming up with a figure I and there website does not agree with. They asked me to pay by cheque on a weekly basis so I did then they said no you can’t do that we have to do it bt direct debit. This was the middle of September and I agreed and the direct debit was set up for the first payment on 23rd October.
Now it gets interesting as the CSA then went behind my back and asked my employer to the money direct to them without my knowledge. So on payday I was debited nearly £ 800.00 so I spoke to the CSA and they denied all knowledge so I asked my employer to investigate. In the meantime the CSA faxed my work a letter canceling the payment instructions, then after speaking to my employer they promised to refund the money and to contact me to explain and offer an apology well let’s say I am still waiting for that call and apology.
I called them again on a Saturday morning when I was able to borrow a land line phone (0845 numbers cost the earth) from a mobile. This person promised to sort out a refund and I would get a call from her supervisor on the Monday morning to say I would receive a refund. That call never happened and the person left the CSA. So back to square one and the following Saturday I called again only to be told we can’t help you but if you want to make a payment please do.
Then last Friday afternoon I spoke to them and was informed that nothing had been done and a full investigation would have to take place to see if they can pay me back. Half an hour that took and loads of self control as I was so close to blowing my top. I asked to speak to a manager and was told no as a manager would not be interested and they had no need to inform the manager what had happened. They were not prepared to comment or assist when I explained that I was running out of money.
Then Monday I received a call to say I would receive a full refund on Tuesday morning, I was so relieved and pleased but oh no checked the bank this morning and no money. Mentioned it to my boss today and he hit the roof and asked HR for a full investigation to see what happened and to get my money back. HOUR proved what I thought and it was the CSA who where in the wrong. They spoke to the CSA and reminded them they should have called me and refunded me etc. But the CSA would not confirm the refund to HR, so I had to call and I was told once the auditors had approved the refund the money will be sent and that would probably be tomorrow evening and 5 days from then bingo I get the money.
Once the money is there I will be asking for compensation and a full written apology. But something that will be even harder to achive but I am going to try. Oh and agreeing on a figure that matches their website and not one that is higher.
I would like to finish with a big thank you to a special friend for the support and use of the phone its been so kind of you and very much appreciated.