I have been asked by a neighbour who has adopted a cat to take this cat on as the cat does not get on with her cat.
From what I can gather the cat is female about 6/7 years old very friendly like fuss and attention and is also very clean. I am very tempted and have even gone as far a choosing a name.
The purpose of my blog today is to ask for advise. What is involved costs and of course insurance. I am often out of the house for 12/14 hours at a time, would this be a problem. I am unable to have a cat flap but was thinking a litter tray etc for her, leaving food and water.
I am very tempted as the company would be nice and someone to cuddle and make a fuss of would be nice so guess I am saying I am about 95% there I know if I meet her that’s it I won’t be able to say no.

I would love to hear your thoughts opinions and advice on this please….