This morning is a very special day for me and I guess I am not the only one.
I have several reasons the obvious is to remember and say a big thank you to all the servicemen and women who have paid the highest price possible for their country. Also I like to remember my Granddad who fought in the first world war in the trenches and was taken POW at the some (sorry can’t spell) whilst his mates where killed. On arrival the first person he set eyes on was one of my Nana’s brothers so he had a mate during the next few years. When the war was over Granddad went home and then to see Nana as they we’re courting. He knocked on the door Nana answered and said who are you!!! Hey Granddad it must have been short lived as they were soon married and for over 50 years.
I remember one Christmas just before Granddad died he told me all about the first war and the army and being an impressionable 13 year old I said Granddad I want to join the Army. His reply was no, you can join the Royal Navy I want someone to join the elite. This I did as soon as I was 16 and finished with school. Granddad died before I joined but I hope he was proud of me. I know Nana was. I got to see Granddads medals and that made an hugh impression on me and its a great honour to say that my medals are kept with his medals.
My Dad (Granddads son in law) was a conscious objector (sorry dyslexia has got the better of me and no dictionary with me and spell check no help) in the second war so was sent to the front line as a stretcher bearer. He never talked about the war, but after he died I did find some photos of him and some mates. I later understood why he thought this way.
I enjoyed my time in the Royal Navy had some good time travel loads and had some tough times too, namely Belfast and The Falklands conflict. During the Falklands I got a free swim in a cold South Atlantic Ocean after my ship was hit by an exocet missile and sank. But the sad part was I lost my best friend Stuart who was killed in action. That was very sad and I still miss him and wonder what would have been….
my wish for future generations would be to give war a miss, talk talk and talk there is always a way to sort things out and if we were not so greedy there would be no need for war. All war does is cause death destruction and hurt and let me say the hurt lasts for a lifetime. I still miss my mates (Falklands/Ireland) and I still have nightmare. So please let’s stop fighting and start talking. How about world leaders in a room with only bread and water, bet things would be sorted quicker and please no more fighting over my invisible friend is better than yours.
Rest in Peace Granddad, Dad and Stuart and I hope to see you one day soon you are all my hero’s. Thank you. x