Last Sunday I adopted a stray cat who I guess is around six or seven years old very friendly and a lovely marmalade and while colour. She loves a cuddle and is very affectionate. She is great company but does love to sit on the stairs in the dark which has proved tricky at night.
She has mastered the art of turning off the radio in the kitchen along with the kettle as this is her new game. She won’t drink from the water bowl but prefers to catch drips from the tap in the kitchen sink.
Well this morning when I made it downstairs I was horrified to see that my cat had turned into an urban terrorist and destroyed the place over night. Well maybe not everything but pictures in frames all knocked over ornaments knocked of the side books knocked of shelf s and to top it off she had managed to puncture the front tyre of my road bike, guess with her teeth judging by the marks on the tyre.
Well I managed to get the place straight drag the hoover round and decided a chat was needed so I sat down with Charlie and she just looked at me with those big eyes looking all innocent and I guess you could say she has me under her thumb…….
Then to top it off when I was leaving for work she escaped, panic set in what was I to do etc. But luckily the bloke next door came out and she took one look him and was back indoors and I was so relieved…..just sat here wondering what I will find when I get home this evening…..