Yesterday…..well what can I say, started with some good news with the doctor, I have been unwell for 3 years now and some days are a struggle to keep going work etc lack of sleep most nights are an hour or two but the odd 6 hours once a month….Medical staff can offer no answer until yesterday and doctor says we think we may know what one problem could be, so more tests and I should know by Christmas. Fingers crossed and all that.
Work was quiet as it was Thanksgiving in America so I decided to get some I.T. Issues sorted on my pc but that failed as they were unable to sort out, way beyond them if you ask me. Then it was the Christmas party and for the 14th year in a row I was working (do you think they were trying to tell me something) but had an interesting chat with some of the girls in the office about writing a blog and they understood why I won’t share my blog at work.
Then feeling hungry I went to cook my tea and too my horror I realised I had left my baked spud at home, so it was off to M&S I went to get something and I managed to get a ready meal. More about that later. On the return some kind person barged past me and pushed me into a slow moving bus and I bounced of it and thought I was ok just felt stupid.
Anyway back at work I heated and ate the ready meal and after a while my ribs started to hurt so decided to head for A&E to get checked, on arrival I was booked in and waited for a doctor xray etc and started to feel very unwell being sick migraine etc, then the penny dropped there had been a very large quantity of garlic in the ready meal that should not have been there and me and garlic are not the best of friends. Anyway I asked the hospital staff if I could go home as I didn’t feel well so they rushed me through and diagnosed badly bruised/broken rib and sent me home with some ain killers.
Feeling a little better now but lesson learnt and no more ready meals for me and always double check the labels. Murder trying to get out of bed with the ribs this morning, but last time it took 3 months to heal so only 2 months 29 days to go….