Just wondering if anyone agrees with me about the education cuts and especially the further education cuts and the costs for those going to Uni…..
Well surely the fairest way would be for those going to Uni to may the cost but not in a loan or loans but in a tax code. That way they could pay back over their working life what was spent on them. My feelings are why should I have to pay for someone to go to uni through tax when I was never given the chance to go. I pay enough tax and I am happy to pay tax for Education and Health not so sure about defence and the war (support our armed forces and they do a fantastic job and I am very proud of them). But to pay extra tax for someone to go to university and then end up better off than me is just not fair.
Its proven that people who go to University will earn more so why not pay more back to society so that the next generation can benefit or is it that some of these students don’t see this as education but a big drink up and social club and a way of avoiding the real world…..
I don’t want to sound bitter but people need to realize that this country is nearly bankrupt and needs to save every penny it can and if this means you pay for your further education well I am sorry but you can afford to later in life to pay…..