Something odd is happening in my house at the moment. It started I guess a month or 6 weeks ago when I would get home from work and find a light on in the house. This grew and it would be several lights then one evening the heating was on full blast. Then I came home to the CD player playing Killing Joke, then another time the television was on.
This started to freak me out and then things went missing, a 2 litre bottle of coke vanished never to be seen again. Things I put down are moved books have been moved from shelf to shelf.
Then last Sunday I wanted to watch a DVD but every time I put the disc in and closed it, the disc would pop out again and this went on for about half an hour until I gave up. Then on Friday morning before work I could not find my headphones so I looked everywhere (I even blamed the cat as I assumed she had dragged them off somewhere) and this morning I found them on a top book shelf all neatly folded up so can’t blame the cat.
Last night I charged my ipod ready for today and made sure it was turned off, however when I got on the train this morning the battery was flat, explain that one? This morning I had The Smiths playing on the cd player and the volume kept being turned down or the player switched off.
I got home from work on Friday evening to find a box of dried cat food and a box of cat litter neatly placed by the front door, this had been dragged about 10 metres from the kitchen. At first kitty was blamed but then it dawned on me if cat food box was open how come no mess on the floor and how did said cat get the food up the stop too.
All this is starting to get to me and I now believe I am cracking up and am very confused….. After this morning I have decided I need to get out for as long as possible today as I can’t take it….