Last evening I had a suprise phone call out of the blue from my old boss. She was after finding out how I was and had heard I was down and also the impending work problems.
Lovely chat and some great advice for me on how to change things. Like I need to toughen up start to ignore people and not listen to what is said, especially promises of better times to come. As she pointed out promises very rarely happen. I have to stop being so sensative kindhearted careing and generous and stop worrying about other people and their lives and start to worry about my life and me only. I must also stop letting people take advantage of me. Then when I am feeling stronger and happier I can go back to thinking about others. She was also aware of the hassle that I get at work from certain people and realized how difficult it is for me but offered me her support.
This all seems very good advice to me, but the next bit I am not so sure about is regarding my youngest daughter, she advised that I deny her existance for now and try not to think about her for now and then when I feel stronger and more able to deal with it. I can go back and work out a solution but at the moment she pointed out that I am going nowhere so need to change as its all dragging me down. I do agree with her on this point.
To anyone who reads this I would like to know your views re the daughter issue is this a good idea or not. I was sure it was last night but not so sure this morning. I feel I should point out that my old boss is probably one of the very few people in this world who understands what makes me tick and how I like to be treated. Hence the blog and asking for advice. Thank you.
I am now going to post this and then return to the warmth of the office as I am not so sure that sitting in shirt sleeves on a snowy day in my fav square is a good idea…..