Last nights journey home on the train went as usual until about 5 miles south of Home and the brakes went on….Just assumed it was a red signal until an announcement was made to say that a person was on the tracks and we had to move at slow speed from signal to signal….
This took an age but I had a good book so was not worried until the train juddered to a halt and there was a horrible thud….Sat at the front of the train this felt worse, worst fears were soon confirmed and we had hit someone….
The reason for writing about this is about the people on the train moaning and making comments about go full speed and hit them It won’t matter….well I would like to mention that the person we hit was probably in such a low place they were not sure what they were doing also feeling very low and probably thinking they had no one to turn to for help or maybe just a hug and some reassurance…. People just remember this is Christmas and while you have family and friends to see and spend time with there are thousands of people who have know one and for whom Christmas is filled with fear dread and loneliness.
The second reason is back on 23rd October 2008 in exactly the same spot I was that person, I got as far as the track saw a train then the silly thing is I remembered I had not finished my book and had a craving for a malt with cheese and biscuits so I turned round and went off to finish the book, and have never looked back since. I did seek counselling but this failed as it went nowhere and I soon learnt I was the only one who could help me and with the help of my i pod and music I survive….
So next time your train is delayed because of an incident like this please think about the poor person and don’t make comments that are well below the belt in my opinion.