Rough couple of days….well a week really, not been eating sleeping, terrible bouts of being sick, feeling seasick at the time and killer headaches, for over a week now, yes I am knackered, surges of adrenalin through my body and boy does that cause problems, heart races away I get in a panic (cat is getting stressed as i cant settle in bed and she is in a flap as she needs her 23 and a half hours sleep a night) and terrible mood swings and I have been getting angry and that is something that is both scary and new to me as I explained to the doctor I don’t do anger….Life is far to short for that….The doctor also asked if there had been unexplained weight loss and I said yes but don’t think we need to worry about that…. I need to loose weight so long may that continue….
I saw my GP yesterday and she took one look and some test results and said you are going to be admitted to hospital and discharged in the same day with a rain forest of test papers to get done, then last evening while trying to order some flowers on line I had a surge of adrenalin that was so painful I called NHS Direct who sent an ambulance and back to hospital again I went…Now working on a tunnelling project so I can get out tomorrow as I want to go to the Troxy to see Billy Bragg and I do not want to miss that…..
Yesterday I called a friend and was rude and angry/cross/grumpy but I know nothing of the call as I don’t remember and hence the flowers which me being a Luddite was struggling to order on line and had to plead with the paramedic to help be before they rushed me off…(they were to say sorry)….Then this afternoon my boss got wind of where I was and called to see what was up how I was etc….Great chat he had me in stitches and we had a good laugh and I told him about yesterday….his reply was show the friend the doctors note and if said friend is a true friend you will be forgiven, as friend would understand that it was not me talking and i was affected greatly by what is wrong with me, if your not forgiven then that friend wasn’t a true friend. He also added the friend would see what had happened and how difficult things are for you at the moment and understand…..I just hope he is right……