Last Thursday evening I went to the Troxy in Limehouse to see Billy Bragg…..not seem him in years so looking forward to it…venue was awesome stood right at the front…thinking just the support to get through and then the man himself…
Well I was in for a pleasant surprise when it came to the support. She was called Grace Petrie and her music is amazing. Guess you would call her a female Billy Bragg, very folk orientated, her voice is from heaven and she is a very talented young lady with a combination of love songs and political songs oh and one about her old car…she was very impressive and I loved the music. Songs include Baby Blue, The Middle of Know where, The Distance a song about her car and a very moving song aimed at Nick Clegg called Farewell to Welfare which was amazing and so true….I was so moved that I bought the CD afterwards and has been non stop on the ipod since….Going to plug her to a few a few music lovers I know and why don’t you have a listen to her on myspace well worth it and I promise you will not be disappointed.
Now it was time for the man himself, not much to say apart from he was awesome, he played the usual songs the crowd joined in and he chatted about his political views…All in all a great night and a fantastic gig…..