Nowt planned for today and on my own, but a very good book, a phone call and my girls managed to few texts despite the ban imposed bu their mother and by mid afternoon i was feeling really ill again and it was a struggle, meanwhile it was a lovely day outside, cold but blue skys and sun…..So i decided to get the camera and go do my blipfoto (i upload a daily or try to daily a photo to this site ) so i was only going for a quick walk but once i was out i noticed the sky could see the setting sun and the amazing colours….I headed for the river and went for a walk…I will let the photos write the words…..

I have now decided i will do the same tomorrow so please please let the sun shine and the sky be blue but tomorrow i will go a lot further….we as far as i can considering i have not eaten for nearly three weeks but i am determined and can be stubborn so i will go further and take the bigger lens so i can photograph the wildlife too…..i was surprised at the number of ducks etc in the water and the number of rabbits…..

One last thing i would like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas and thank you for reading my blogs……..