Where do I start…..I am so proud of the England Cricket team…..This ashes tour has been amazing so many records broken….
The best part is this is a team of players….there is no one individual who is world class but its a team who play well together and are just awesome to watch….they all play so well and there is depth in the squad too so if someone is injured there is a replacement who is just as good waiting to take over…I don’t have a player of the tour just a team that I am so proud off as they all deserve equal credit for this achievement.
I have heard comments today saying the Aussies are not a good team, but that’s not our fault and you can only play the team that is sent to play you…but next time in the interest of fair play maybe the Aussies get 2 innings and England 1…oh I forgot we would still have won…
Things don’t get much better, I get to ring my Aussie mates and sledge and guess what the Aussies don’t like it….still going to see no1 Aussie mate in the autumn as he now works in New York he has missed the action as not on telly over there so will have to take him a DVD it would be rude not too.
I just want to say I am so proud of the England Cricket team and well done for this ashes win….you all deserve it and roll on summer 2013 when it all happens again. But next stop is the world cup in the spring and then India this summer and then we could be number 1 test playing nation in the world….How good will that be…Oh England football if you had half the passion determination and skill you might win something in the mean time move over for real decent sportsmen who are perfect role models….
So proud of you England Cricket and thank you….