Something that I should have added to my New Year blog last week and I can’t believe that’s its been a week, so much has happened since then and its all good stuff too.
Best part was a phone call just after 1 on new years morning that has lead to a phone call each day since and fingers crossed a get together next Saturday afternoon. Oh and a text with kisses just after midnight which was just as unexpected…..
But this blog is about my music and need to sort out my music into some kind of order after adding up I purchased 350 albums last year and some were never heard….this will change under a massive shake up which will see me have 1 ipod touch 64 gb and 2 ipod classics 180gb, and one other as yet to be decided…so far this year I have purchased 25 albums….
Best bit is there are £750.00 of apple vouchers in the safe at work that have been promised to me when the company go under…could be as early as next monday….but this will go towards an apple mac for my photography…