I have a love for music and would rather listen to music than watch television. I currently have 3 ipods a touch and 2 classics and the touch is now full so stuck in a draw somewhere until I work out what I want to do with it. I have a classic that is almost full and another classic just for new music. By that I mean music recently bought as I know last year I bought albums added to ipod and never listened to them.
The main reason for this blog is a few days ago I went to HMV in Oxford Street headed upstairs (away from the top 20 rubbish kids stuff Simon Powell rubbish!!!) I wondered round the rock section found a few albums from my list, The Decemberists and The Jayhawks, then wondered into the world section which is with the folk and country sections are, only to find three quarters of the section had empty shelves. I was disappointed but did find a Bhundi Boys album and a Benjamin Zephaniah album. So guess the rumours are true and HMV are in trouble.
If HMV are to close this will be a sad day as they are the last chain music store in the high street. Then the only place to buy music will be from the supermarkets. Now I for one won’t be able to do that as Tesco do not sell the music I love and want to buy and there I know way I will buy a boy or girl band album. I understand the internet has a part to play in this as its a cheaper option but then hmv.com are one of the big players in that market. I used HMV until recently when I found I got a faster cheaper service from Amazon.
So come on top bods at HMV come up with ideas to make the stores survive so the generations of the future know what its like to browse a record store and discover new music after all not all of us want to listen to what Simon Cowell wants us to listen too……