Another visit to hospital today….a different specialist…and a different view of things…..and I have now made some progress….. I now have a little understanding of what the problem is…..and how it can be resolved…..But this could take a long time….but as the specialist explained every problem has a set of rules that have to be broken so the doctors know you have the problem but he said with me there is a problem but not all the rules have been broken and others that should not have been broken have been broken….So this will make things harder to resolve and decisions will be harder for everyone to make (well I don’t like to do things the easy way) So I now have four months of tests and then a decision can me made on an operation and the best way forward and how to manage the problem after the operation…..Have been told that by sorting one problem this will cause another problem but this new problem is manageable and will not present the problems I have at the moment…..
So all in all even though I am no nearer the end I feel a lot happier at least knowing what is wrong with me…..and can prepare for the future and dealing with it…… ;0)