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Went out for a walk this afternoon……and came across a speed trap and the camera and Police were partly hidden by a advertising board….this has prompted a couple of questions first why does it take 6 Policemen to operate the camera, ok 2 max one to operate the camera and one to issue the tickets to the speeders….but this trap took six with 4 hanging around doing nothing…..ok so at least two were PCSO’s but still there must have been real crime for the Bizzies to investigate this afternoon.

My second point is the position of the Camera as the further i walked away the harder it was to spot even with the Bizzie wearing high viz and i find this unfair….If a static camera has to be yellow and visible surly the portable camera should be the same…..anyway there are enough static cameras in Northamptonshire (home of vehicle stealth tax) why waste resources on this one…..Pictures below let me know what you think……thank you…..

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Just a quickie to say that I now feel progress is being made…..I am still not ready to give details and names of persons involved but both problems involve a large part of my life….Fair to say one is work and I think this will all come to a head next week and as they say watch this space for details.
The other problem will take longer to resolve but today steps were made in the right direction after a week of comments that were aimed at me and I found very upsetting and today after talking for a while and i will add this talking is set to continue tomorrow and over the coming days…..Other agency’s are now involved and its time to get this out in the open and sorted once and for all as i feel that i am being taken advantage of and fed lies from various persons…….
Sorry I cant say more at the moment but I do want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to a certain person and she knows who she is for all her support help and listening this last few weeks its very much appreciated and i find it a big help and you say the nicest things just at the right moment so thank you again…… x

Silent Sunday…….First sign of Spring…..



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Talked about this before, but this emotion has returned to me again…..two reason one is to do with certain people at work and i guess is almost laughable but i dont want to say anything as its subject to something else…..

The second is to do with my daughter and her mother, i wont give the details as i dont think that would be fair or right at the moment. But something has happened and this has upset me and i feel i am being used, but most of all i feel for the victim in this and that is my daughter…..The whole episode has left me very angry also very worried for my daughter…..We talked today and made some progress which is good and we are coming up with a plan so that she can move forward and start her life again her words not mine……

I just have this anger feeling again and i dont like it as me and anger do not go together and this is only the second time i can remember feeling this emotion and hoping this is going to be the last…..I would like to thank a certain someone and she knows who she is for all the help with emails and support this week it is very much appreciated and thank you again…

The Rugby Football Union……

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Sorry folks but i am going to have a little rant on this blog this evening…..I learnt yesterday that the RFU have decided not to let Twickenham be used for an up and coming super 15 game for the Christchurch Crusaders…..Since the earthquake it have been deemed that the ground cannot be used and this was an idea opportunity to move the game to London and get a decent crowd…. I for one would have gone and there is a large Australian South African and New Zealand community in London so why RFU did you say know…..Don’t give me the old we don’t have enough time….because if you had wanted to you could have and a lot of rugby fans in this country would have had a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a super 15 game….

My next point is the British and Irish Cup sorry but i still cant see the point of this cup, ok we have all the championship clubs taking part then a mixture of Irish Scottish and Welsh teams and some of those are club teams and some are the second XV for the magners league sides. Sorry cant see the point and with attendences not that high just over 1,300 when the Blues played Leimster in the quarter finals last weekend what is the point. Two options either extend the league and abolish the cup, but not sure how that would work re play off etc or expand the cup to exclude the magners league second XV  but include 2nd teir clubs from France Italy and maybe top clubs in Spain and Portugal. The benifit of this would be to expand the game and take it to new people give the fans a weekend away in a new rugby town and hopefully take the game to new fans. I for one would save get a second job anything to go and see the Blues play a game in France or Italy anywhere in mainland Europe if I am honest.

So come on RFU get you finger out and have a look at this as i am sure you will agree we all want to see the sport grow and open new doors. I also feel that there would be an extra cost involved for clubs but with the amount of money the RFU and IRB have they could subsidize the teams.

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