Woke a little early this morning so thought i would use the time to check my bank account, but having spent no money this week and no direct debits leaving the account since the 1st it thought it should be straight forward. But to my horror the account was empty and all the transactions where in the name of Amazon.co.uk. I contacted my bank who said i was a victim of fraud and cancelled the debit card, also assured me that i was covered and would not loose out and the fraud team would explain how it worked and how long i would have to wait to get my money back. They asked me to call back after 8 am and speak to the fraud department. I then checked my Amazon account and cancelled my card on the site and checked my account details and could see that i had not placed any orders. On speaking to the bank Fraud department who would not speak to me direct only via a call centre operator i was told that they were not able to help me as it was a visa dispute and they would send me some forms to complete and open a dispute with Amazon and i have been told this could take a couple of months and may not go in my favour.
I spoke to Amazon and this is not easy and the call centre was in America and they could see the transaction and said my account card was used on another account and then accused me on knowing the person who had committed the fraud but cannot because of data protection. But asked me to tell my bank that Amazon suspected fraud and had a name. I contacted the bank and they said no its a transaction dispute. I was now running out of patience and contacted the City of London Police as they are the leading Police force when it comes to fraud and they said they needed the bank to contact them before they would act and as the bank wont do this they consider no crime has been committed.
So i am now left with no money a daughter to feed and three weeks until payday. I just dont know what to do or where to go considering the people i would hope would have helped have slammed the door in my face. So i would like to say to Amazon that i will not use the site again, to City of London Police i am disgusted in your service and next time i am contacted at work for help i will be reluctant to co operate. To Nationwide i see this episode as ending a partnership that has lasted since i was 12 years old.
I would like to thank someone special who has been there for me today and kept my spirits up when i have felt so down and felt like giving up. Thank you x