Just a quickie to say that I now feel progress is being made…..I am still not ready to give details and names of persons involved but both problems involve a large part of my life….Fair to say one is work and I think this will all come to a head next week and as they say watch this space for details.
The other problem will take longer to resolve but today steps were made in the right direction after a week of comments that were aimed at me and I found very upsetting and today after talking for a while and i will add this talking is set to continue tomorrow and over the coming days…..Other agency’s are now involved and its time to get this out in the open and sorted once and for all as i feel that i am being taken advantage of and fed lies from various persons…….
Sorry I cant say more at the moment but I do want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to a certain person and she knows who she is for all her support help and listening this last few weeks its very much appreciated and i find it a big help and you say the nicest things just at the right moment so thank you again…… x