Went out for a walk this afternoon……and came across a speed trap and the camera and Police were partly hidden by a advertising board….this has prompted a couple of questions first why does it take 6 Policemen to operate the camera, ok 2 max one to operate the camera and one to issue the tickets to the speeders….but this trap took six with 4 hanging around doing nothing…..ok so at least two were PCSO’s but still there must have been real crime for the Bizzies to investigate this afternoon.

My second point is the position of the Camera as the further i walked away the harder it was to spot even with the Bizzie wearing high viz and i find this unfair….If a static camera has to be yellow and visible surly the portable camera should be the same…..anyway there are enough static cameras in Northamptonshire (home of vehicle stealth tax) why waste resources on this one…..Pictures below let me know what you think……thank you…..

Hands in pocket tut tut…..