Random Post

What a stunning morning i awoke to this morning, so not wanting to waste the day i decided to head out and do my favorite walk…..so off to London i headed and when i arrived on the South Bank i was relieved to see that the tide was out and i was going to be able to walk along the foreshore of the Thames…..Now this is a lovely walk i Start close to the golden Jubilee bridges and walk as far east as i can and this is London Bridge before the water cuts the walk short…..So today of i set and below are some photos from the walk…

A view from the westerner Golden Jubilee bridge as are the photographs below…..

Now onto the foreshore and its a stunning walk….It never fails to amaze me that i am in one of the busiest cities in the world yet there is not a sole around as I walk along by the river….Its beautiful….the smells the sights and the wildlife….The river traffic is busier than ever….

Now this is a lovely restaurant and I hope that a special friend will one day soon allow me to buy her dinner her…I am hoping it will be this summer then we can walk along the south bank afterwards…..

Now this is where the walk stops just before the HMS Belfast and the Pool of London….I love this view of the ship the bridge and the Tower…..

It was a lovely day and i nearly got the perfect photograph or what i thought was the perfect photograph when i tried to get along the foreshore and get a photo of the millennium wheel from under neath….but the tide cut me of and i ended up with wet feet soaked jeans and arms covered in slime….but hey i know for next time and I will get that photograph……

After the walk the weather was stunning and i didnt want to leave so headed for the South Bank where i found a book shop and purchased a book and headed back to the sand and sat and read for a couple of hours before being forced from the foreshore…..but it was a lovely day….

On crossing the Jubilee bridge i was caught up with a con artist….I was taken in and watched…..he had three disc’s on a new paper and one had a silver coin on the back and this was never shown….The idea was to watch and see where the coin would end up…..easy….well no but i watched and people were so keen to give the guy £20.00 to have a guess and loose…..Then a girl appeared and the guy watched her and nodded…..She was the assistant and he let her win and she was off with her £ 20.00…Then the scuffle and I cant believe it buy two blokes almost came to blows to be the first and sure enough they lost……Am i a cynic but i cold see this coming and still cant believe people were queuing up to have a go and loose…..oh well it take all kinds…..but they could have just given me the money……

Lovely day followed by a walk up to Trafalgar square and a quick visit to the Olympic clock and the camp of demonstrators who are again the cuts and a group of Polish people protesting about the Polish aircraft that crashed in Russia with the Polish government on board…They were moaning about Putin and i could not help but wonder why this wasn’t in Russia or Poland but then i guess there are more Poles in England than at home these days and where ever you choose to protest again Russia they will not listen…..Then i came across this chap and his one man reggae band…..