Well its taken me nearly two years but last weekend i finally finished reading the Marcus Trescothick Autobiography. It was a tough read not on the writers part i might add but on my part as it was very close to what i have gone through but i found the book so useful and helpful. Just in case you are not aware he is probably the greatest living opening batsman England have. Marcus is a fantastic sportsman and played test cricket for England from 2000 to 2006 and in that time scored 14 centuries and still plays country Cricket for Somerset. Marcus unfortunately had problems with playing on the overseas tours that lead to his early retirement from test cricket.

When I mentioned to the blokes at work that i was reading this book I was met with the sad but typical comments of didn’t he go loopy, didn’t he loose the plot etc…..but i would not expect anything else from that bunch of losers who just don’t have a clue…

Marcus is very frank in the book and explains what happened and I found this very interesting and a great help and I would recommend anyone who has or does suffer with being homesick has or had depression feels low from time to time or just wants a good book to read should read this book. Marcus only missed is family and there is nothing wrong with that but the press had to try and find something else in the story. I appreciate Marcus for being so frank in the book and bringing this to light.

One part of the book that saddened me was the parts about the good old English press, what a bunch of  losers they are, when Marcus left the India tour early they could not respect his wishes and had to go hunting for the story that wasnt there so guess what when they found nothing they had to make something up. Why do they do this I was pround of our jounralists once but not anymore they are just the gutter press they deserve to be called. Does its matter why he came home early press do you have a right to prey into his life and do you have the right to make up stories about him having affairs and his wife having affairs. The answer is no and i confess i have even less respect for the press now.

The book was a good interesting read and well worth reading, only one fault and not really a fault but on the cover notes there is a quote from Geoffrey Boycott saying brave Marcus is for coping with his illness……Is this the same Geoffrey Boycott who moaned about Michael Yardy leaving the World Cup early in March this year for suffering with depression….Double standards…..there is nothing wrong with depression its a painful experience and support and understanding and not criticism   is what is needed….

Thank you Marcus…….