Bit of a moan this morning, I know its a lovely sunny morning and looks like being a fab day again but I need to say this. As some of you will know I am a rugby fan and I would go as far to say that I am very passionate about the game.

Today my team the Bedford Blues are playing in the semi finals of the play offs for the Championship and are playing away at Worcester. Sky decide to show the game on their television chanels so kick of is at 12.15 meaning there is know way that i can get to see the game so thank you for that sky, I just hope its worth it for you to show the game and spoil it for the true supporter. I feel I should also say that his has caused problems for the other semi final this afternoon between Cornish Pirates and London Welsh and this game will kick off at 17.45 so what hope have London Welsh fans got of seeing the game unless they can afford to stay overnight in Cornwall.

Then next Saturday the Blues play in the final of the British and Irish Cup and this game is being played in Bristol and yet again sky want the kick off at 17.05 so yet again there is know way I can get back from the game without a 9 hour sleep on a bench in London. Ok years ago i would have done this without even thinking about it but with my current health problems I just dont think this would be wise. So yet again Sky you have spoilt it for me and I have to sit and home and wait for updates on Twitter as to how the game is going. Why do you do it Sky and there is know way in the world I would every pay to see your television and from what I have seen in the listings your channels are nothing but repeats same program night after night surely that isnt television…..

Please don’t suggest finding a pub and watching the games their, because for me that isnt as easy as it seems, if I found somewhere would I be able to get through the door probably not, you see I am not very good in crowded strange places especially the likes of a pub…….so I wouldn’t see the games.  Thank you Sky for spoiling to the end to my season……