This is a little spot on the River Isis where I love to come and sit for a few hours when things get too Much for me and I need to escape. This afternoon was the first visit this spring as its five miles from home and not the easiest place to reach.
First impressions are the river needs some rain as levels are those of late summer. Even the debris from the early autumn floods is still evident and the river does need a spring flush to clean it up. But spring is hear and I am able to watch butterflies and water boatmen. But sadly there are no fish this year guessing last summers shoal of roach where moved on in he autumn floods and have yet to be replaced.
I love to sit on an over hanging branch watching the river flow listening to my music and reading the odd page of my book. Dreaming of one day waking to find myself in Africa on the Savannah a place where know one knows me will judge me and judge me on my mistakes, after all surely we are all allowed to make mistakes and not be judged and blamed for everything else that happens or on my past and will take me for what I am. I am so tired of being judged and blamed its got to the point where its so unfair and its affecting my health so please stop or just tell me and leave me alone. But what I really love about this spot is there is no mobile signal so those who have made my life hell with texts this week can’t for the next few hours.