Well its happening, Well really Monday just gone was my final day and I officially finish next Thursday afternoon. But today will be my last visit to the office. I was made redundant on Monday, it was all very amicable and seeing as I have been under the weather since April I am pleased as I am able to start a new life (I will blog about this over the coming weekend)……
I was expecting Monday to be tough and a fight but i say it was not, they were very kind and understanding and it went very smoothly. I have left on good terms and there are a number of people I will miss and hope to keep in touch with but there are also a number of people I will be pleased never to see again…..
My colleagues where supposed to organize a meet up in the pub at lunchtime today and let me know but nothing was done. I am pleased as this now allows me the time today to meet up with other people and have a drink with them, these are the people i will miss. I still have a few people to chat with in the office and say good bye to as well…..Just wasn’t enough hours in the day on Monday and didn’t leave until 8pm….
The main reason for today’s visit is for the pre planed visit to the Oval with the boss to watch Surrey vs Middlesex in a T20 game, went last summer and it was a fantastic night, so tonight should be good, plenty of beer (very unusual for me) plus a curry afterwards and probably a ride home on the first train in the morning….
I am pleased to be going….but it will feel odd after 14 years not working for a while and as I said there are some people who I will miss loads but then there are some who I wont even think about again…..But as I write this I can hear the rain crashing against the roof so please rain go away and dont spoil my evening of cricket…..