A stunning afternoon yesterday and the temperature was just right…..not too hot and not to cold. So off i set on my bike and decided to head for Renfrew only a few miles away and then make my way across to Braehead and the River Clyde.  Traffic was busy and there is something satisfying about being  on a bike and passing cars and the said cars do not pass you again. Down on the Clyde and the tide was in flood and does is rise fast. Not seen it that fast before. First snaps are of the warships HMS Dragon, HMS Daring and HMS Duncan all under construction at the BAE Systems yard on the clyde.

Next I headed to Govan and the King George V dock, but as per usual I was not able to gain access so had to hunt around for an advantage point to get some photographs.  Just a couple of ships one was dry cargo and I think the other was some kind of Coaster probably a tanker of some description. Neither ship was flying their company flag and both had the Union flag upside down. This is the trouble with a flag of convenience and a crew who dont have respect for traditions.

Scotland is very much geared up to cycling and there are plenty of cycle routes and these are very well laid out good surface wide and well signposted. Well nearlly all are as I found out. I went back down the Clyde towards Clydebank but on the south side of the river. Once past Braehead I knew there was a cycle path but could I find the cycle path….NO I went into countless scrap yards before I found the path and it was very narrow and in terrible condition but still A nice route following the Clyde until it met with the White Cart and Black Cart rivers.

I followed the White Cart Water until I came to the swing bridge. This is a stunning piece of engineering, built in 1923. The bridge is know as the swing bridge locally but infact its correct name is Inchinnan Bascule Bridge. The original bridge was a swing bridge.

Then to finish the cycle ride off I headed across the Black Cart River and the long way home via the airport. Interesting route following a cycle path again until the path got narrower and narrower and I was in some rather swampy ground but I imerged into the car park of a car rental lot and before I knew it I was the wrong side of the airfield not to far from the aircraft. Not sure what happened but managed to get away rather sharpish and from their made my way home…..All in all a pleasant afternoon.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog…….