Well Saturday just gone was the big afternoon which meant that I got to try Rugby at the other Glasgow club. So so different and what a relief I can tell you. I cycled to the ground about 10 miles away the way the crow fly’s and luckily on a bike you can follow the crow. Arrived in plenty of time, allowed 2 hours but did it in less than an hour, first impressions, nice ground, largish stand on one side open on the others. Pitch looked good, facility to park my bike. First off I had to part with a tenner to get in. The guys on the gate where very friendly and not a yellow jacket to be seen. Straight into rugby chat and they understood my disappointment with the Warriors and promised better at the Hawks. Showed where the bar was told which players to watch for who was new etc…..and thats how rugby should be. No objection to my camera.

Found myself a spot on the terrace close to the touch line/try line and settled down to watch the players warm up. Sun was shining and the pitch looked immaculate. I had had an eye on one of the a joining pitches in the distance where a 2nd XV game was talking place. Glasgow Hawks play in the Royal Bank of Scotland Premier One, and this afternoon they where home to Sterling County. Not to clear on the set up of this league yet  but around Christmas they go into a play off/Mini league. Apart from winning the league there are a further two places up for grabs in next seasons British and Irish Cup.

The game got started but I must add that the Referee Mr J Matthew seems to like using his yellow card and in my view used it a little to much. Game was good standard lower than I am used to but still good, this game had plenty of try’s with the Hawks soon getting on the score sheet with a hat rick of try’s from Tom Steven and another try from Ross Miller and this lead to a bonus point for the Hawks. Second Half under way and a couple of try’s from the Hawks saw County well and truly sunk but they rallied in the last 15 minutes to get some points on the board but the full time score was Hawks 36 County 22. Good game muched enjoyed with the added bonus that the Hawks captain and Second row Rory Mckay played for the Blues a number of seasons ago.

I will be returning to the next game and to future games as I was made to feel very welcome, there was a bar there was no hassle and I was allowed to use my camera too. Rugby as it should be. I was even invited to get involved with the club and this is something that I am thinking about at the moment. As for the Warriors well I am still tempted to go watch when Travesio play but thats about it. Something about watching Italian Club rugby that appeals so that evening I will be cheering Travesio while trying to avoid the stewards…….


Below is a selection of the photos that I took on Saturday afternoon…….Enjoy……


Rory Mckay greets his team just before kick off.

County win the line out.