Decided to get out and enjoy the sun and lovely weather today after this morning’s shock. Thinking this will do the trick and help me little did I know what would happen. Cycling along the Clyde at Braehead across some wooden decking which I have done countless times, but today it was damp and I slipped and crashed in spectacular fashion hitting a barrier at about 20 mph bouncing off and ending with the bike crashing down on top of me. Loads of pain at first thought the arm was broken but then it turns out that was me being a wimp. But after a check up it was revealed that I have a cracked rib and bruising to several other ribs. Not the first time so I know what to expect and that’s 3 months of pain especially when trying to get dressed and in and out of bed tidy the flat laugh do the shopping ironing well fair to say just about everything. Well just my luck and now waiting on number 3 event to round my weekend off. All I ask is that number 3 be nice and easy with as little pain and damage as possible. Thank You.