Talked about this before, but this emotion has returned to me again…..two reason one is to do with certain people at work and i guess is almost laughable but i dont want to say anything as its subject to something else…..

The second is to do with my daughter and her mother, i wont give the details as i dont think that would be fair or right at the moment. But something has happened and this has upset me and i feel i am being used, but most of all i feel for the victim in this and that is my daughter…..The whole episode has left me very angry also very worried for my daughter…..We talked today and made some progress which is good and we are coming up with a plan so that she can move forward and start her life again her words not mine……

I just have this anger feeling again and i dont like it as me and anger do not go together and this is only the second time i can remember feeling this emotion and hoping this is going to be the last…..I would like to thank a certain someone and she knows who she is for all the help with emails and support this week it is very much appreciated and thank you again…


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