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A selection of photographs i took this afternoon on the River Isis, the river is in a very poor condition and there was a large amount of rubbish in the river too which is so sad to see. Why do people do this its not their river. The Chub I found today where ready to spawn and from the photos you can see the fish, and on the last couple of photographs the female (Larger fish) decides she has had enough of the boys and darts away creating rather a large splash……

Rather a large splash and when you thing the water only just covered the top of the Chub….but she was not ready and the boys had to be told…..Nature is fun to watch….Any fishermen reading this please dont ask as I will not reveal the location….

Thank you for reading my blog…..

Summers Walk………

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This afternoon i retraced the walk I did on Christmas day and here are some photographs to show how things have changed. Last time the river was struggling as it was frozen, now there is very little flow the river is clear and the fish are exposed. There is no hiding and the river is in desperate need for rain and some flow. The first photograph is of a Chub that spends the day in a fast flowing tributary sat under a bridge. I guess she is ready to spawn and this warmth these last few days will help. I guess she is about 4 or 5 pounds and thats a good weight.

Not the best photograph but I hope you can get an idea of what the fish is like, Next up is a view across the Nene and the water lillies are in flower.

The next few photos are somewhat a shock to me as I was walking through the fields along the river I came across a fox who was snacking on a dead sheep. The fox had not been taught the finer art of hunting as he was stood watching upwind. I was downwind so he didnt have a clue about me or where I was until the camera made a noise and he was off. But behind me watching under a small tree was a gaggle of sheep. Now what were they doing and who had told them it was safe to loiter when a fox was about. Thinking with my impending redundancy here is a change for me to earn some extra money teaching foxes to hunt and sheep how to avoid being caught.

Along the river there was a first for me and a family of Alysbury ducks with their young, never seen the ducklings before and the were beautiful, just stunning and as you could see the parents where so proud, looks like the extended family were there too.

On the return I decided to follow the disused railway line and the wild roses where in flower and the scent was stunning and I came across this old relic from the railway days, indicating the gradient of the track i believe.

All in all a lovely walk some amazing wildlife too………