should I shouldnt I

A neighbour has adopted a stray cat but this cat does not get on with her cat so she has asked me if I would be interested in the cat.
I understand the cat is 6/7 years old friendly likes fuss is very clean, she has taken the cat to the vets and the cat is in good health but isn’t microchipped. I have resisted meeting the cat as I know I will fall for her and yes I have choosen a name….
The purpose of my blog today is to ask for help, first is this a good idea and are cats expensive to look after, I know I need insurance etc. I am often out of the house for 12 hours a day, would this be a problem as I don’t have a cat flap, but was thinking a litter tray etc would be ok. One other problem is I live in rented property and am not allowed pets, but the rebal in me says sorry didn’t know that and gloss over that problem.
Please let me know what’s best to do as deep down I would love the company of a cat. Someoen to talk to etc and just make a fuss off.

Thank you for reading my blog…..


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