What A Day………..

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Decided to get out and enjoy the sun and lovely weather today after this morning’s shock. Thinking this will do the trick and help me little did I know what would happen. Cycling along the Clyde at Braehead across some wooden decking which I have done countless times, but today it was damp and I slipped and crashed in spectacular fashion hitting a barrier at about 20 mph bouncing off and ending with the bike crashing down on top of me. Loads of pain at first thought the arm was broken but then it turns out that was me being a wimp. But after a check up it was revealed that I have a cracked rib and bruising to several other ribs. Not the first time so I know what to expect and that’s 3 months of pain especially when trying to get dressed and in and out of bed tidy the flat laugh do the shopping ironing well fair to say just about everything. Well just my luck and now waiting on number 3 event to round my weekend off. All I ask is that number 3 be nice and easy with as little pain and damage as possible. Thank You.


Castle Semple Loch……….

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Awoke yesterday morning to the most beautiful morning, so it was run round like a headless chicken time and make a picnic etc and get the cycle out. So off I heading and this being such a great place to live National Cycle Route 7 and 75 are about 100 metres from my front do. So off I headed for Johnstone and where the Cycle Way devides and I headed on to route number 7…..

Was a beautiful day and the cycle way follow the path of an old railway which in turn follows the path of a canal built by Thomas Telford in the early 1800’s. The cycle way is very tranquil and the wild flowers were stunning, dont think I have seen so many.

My aim was to reach Castle Semple Lock which I did and it was stunning and here are a few photos……

I then set off to explore the village of Lochwinnoch just for a nose about and I followed a line as it climbed the hillside and found a stunning water fall, all be it man made at some stage but still beautiful.

  I then headed back via Castle Semple Country Park, lovely place set on a hillside, but me being me decided to cycle to the summit but i picked the route that was all up hill but when i reached the top the track down wasnt the same so more cycling was needed, just wondering why I managed to cycle up hill to the summit and then uphill to get down!!!

   All in all a great cycle ride and a fantastic day…..must dash of to Bridge of Weir today……and to see where I end up….

Thank you for reading my blog……

KGB vs Northamptonshire Filth…………

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Ever wondered why happened to all the bad guys in the KGB/GRU (Russian Secret Service equal to our MI5 and MI6), once the cold war was over and Glasnost had taken its toll…….

   Well this afternoon I had the pleasure of finding out and I can say they are all alive and well working as PCSO’s for Northamptonshire Police…..It was raining at lunchtime and I wanted to get my blip done and uploaded so off I set on the bike wearing water proofs and soon the weather had improved and I found myself in an industrial area, I knew there were fields in the area with horses. But I came across an Truck repair shop and in the car park was a fire engine….Unusual in design and rather larger with a tri axle configuration. Looking on Google I have found that the fire engine is new and belongs to Essex County Fire Service….So not sure what it was doing here. But I took some photos for possible use in my blip. If you are not aware a blip is a photo you take and upload that day to a website called www.blipfoto.com the idea being to upload something from the day….

    Once the photo was taken and the weather was improving off I went in search of something else that would or could be better, but I was stopped by the local PCSO’S three in total in a car…. Asked the usual questions name address what are you doing…I explained I didn’t not want to give my name and address, however after a standoff I said my name was Bilbo Baggins and I lived in the woods at Irchester and my occupation was part time Freedom Fighter,  but I was happy to explain what I was doing and show them the photo’s, if I had been up to no good when I saw them I would have made my exit downhill instead of heading uphill, but this wasn’t good enough….What was I going to do break in and nick the fire engine….yeah like where would I keep that hidden…Don’t think so….Not happy they called for reinforcements but in the meantime a wasp had got into the Police car and panic took over and three PCSO’s came flying out of the car shouting and screaming and in a right flap….At this point I decided to get on my bike and make a hasty exit…..So off I went and I still don’t know what happened if they tried to find me…I just hope the wasp is ok and they didn’t draw battens and strike out at the wasp….So the KGB is alive and trying to frighten innocent people in Northamptonshire……

  I maybe making some fun of this incident but the sad side of this is that I have learnt than there were a number of bag snatches from the car park at Morrison’s this afternoon…..Now the PCSO’s sat in the Car Park at Morrison’s would have been a much better use of resources instead of harassing an old git with his camera…..

This is the photo……..