Todays bike ride involved heading off in the same direction but this time at the fork just past the Black Cart Water I followed national Cycle path 75. This route was a steady long climb to the small town of Bridge of  Weir which I spent a little time looking round. Still feeling tired from yesterday and I had decided to take things easy today. But I was back on cycle route 75 and I came across a village just of the path called Quarriers village.  This was built during Victorian times by a Willaim Quarrier who was a cobbler from Glasgow. But he had grown up in hardship in Glasgow after his Dad had died and his mum had moved to Glasgow in search of work. The village was set up for orphaned Children from Glasgow and the village consisted of a number of large houses along with a church school and medical facilities.

A general view of the village

A view of the Village by Cycle path 75

A view of the church from the same path

Next it was back to the slow climb up to the small town of Kilmacolm and decision time.  Should I turn round and head for home or press on and get to Port Glasgow. I opted for the latter. But in Kilmacolm I found this stunning church.

Eventually I reached the peak of this amazing hill climb just outside of the town of Port of Glasgow and the decent started and it was steep. The cycle path followed a route into town but kept high and out of sight hidden by trees so I could not see the view.  So at Bogston I opted to leave the path and drop down to the waters edge and follow the route along the water to Gourock…. Below are some photos from this part of the cycle ride…..

The final photograph is of an old ship wreck in the Clyde that I first came across some thirty years ago and it must be well over twenty years since I last saw the wreck. I arrived at Gourock rail station with a few minutes to spare to get the train home….