Cashier no9 — To The Death of Fun……

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Those of you who know me, know I love my music and spend hours looking and listening to new music, now I came across this band while in my favorite shop, Rough Trade East in Brick Lane, its a fantastic place to discover and buy new music. One of those old fashioned music shops where you can have a listen to the music before you have to buy. So off I go armed with a list of bands to find, and come away with some extras too that I did not expect to buy.

Yesterday was a little different as I only decided to go at the last minute but being a good boy scout had my wants list with me but really went to see what I could find. Low and behold I came across a band that were new to me called Cashier no9 and they are amazing. Their debut album has just been released and what a gem it is. This is an amazing album well worth the money and a must for any music fan.

Well how do I describe Cashier no9, well this isnt easy, guess you  could say they sound as if they could come from either Manchester or California but infact they are from Belfast. Their sound is maybe a cross with The Byrds, The Stone Roses, The Beach Boys or The Flaming Lips. Yet with their rich vocal harmonies, bold guitar textures and supremely catchy melodies, they’ve created a sound that’s indeterminably none of these yet equally vibrant

The album has been on my Ipod and cd player on repeat now for nearly 24 hours and i am still not bored and with each play something new pops up and this is a fantastic album. Please consider this when you are next spending on music but I guess this will never make it into the supermarket bargain isle. I had to pay £12.99 for my copy but as they say you get what you pay for and I most certainly got great value. A great album and go on treat yourself.


Thank You……..

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The purpose of this blog today is just to say a big thank you to all the Doctors and Nurses who looked after me for 6 days over last weekend at Kettering General Hospital…..They were fantastic and nothing was too much trouble…..have to confess the food was very good too and I did manage to eat but back to my old ways of not eating now…..In particular I would like to thank one nurse called Joy who looked after me on the night when i was admitted she took great care of me and was always there when i needed reassurance as I was very frightened at the time….She is getting married very soon I would like to wish her all the best for the future as she deserves it and thank you again…….At the risk of sounding boring I would like to say we are so lucky to have the NHS they do a fantastic job and are always there when needed…..

I would also like to thank someone special to me for all the messages and reassurances you  sent to me, and you know why you are, thank you, (((hugs))) x