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A walk along the River Neve in Pictures…..


This morning at the prospect of a lovely warm summer’s day ahead I decided to take my camera for a stroll along the banks River Nene and see what I could find and then have a go at including some of the photos in my blog.

   These horses are a very common sight in the fields by the river, the horses belong to Gypsies and or travellers and I do feel for the horses…There are left in a field with very little natural shade and no food apart from the weeds now crowing in the field….The horses rely on local people who walk here popping into Tesco and buying some carrots apples etc for the horses. These horses are here all year round and in the winter the fields are prone to flooding but the horses are still there. The RSPCA are aware as I have complained on a number of occasions but nothing seems to be done and i am sure i am not the only one to complain……

  I came across this Herron sat on the weir as I was sat at a Lock that looked to have seen better days but was still in working order I think I must have startled the Herron as he was soon airborne after this photo……

 I am sorry that the camera did not do this justice as it was a stunning sight to see the Herron in full flight…..The river bank was alive with activity mostly dragon flies who were busy flying around and the water was crystal clear and it was lovely to watch the fish swim around mostly Roach and Perch and I would say a few Roach to about a pound and plenty or Perch to about half a pound….Lovely sight with the water lilies coming into flower…..

Then I came to the old railway Viaduct and waited what seemed an age to see a train cross so i got see the viaduct in action…I was so disappointed all I got was a maroon coloured (guessing that must be the corporate colour scheme of the company that has the freight franchise) locomotive….(I believe it’s  a German company and the engines are soon to be painted bright Red)……What

I was really hoping for was a steam locomotive in all its glory crossing over the viaduct….(well I can dream cant I)

While stood waiting for the train I ended up having a sneezing fit in the long grass and as a result I startled a family of ducks quiet accidently…….

And Finally I found this chap in among all the swans on the promenade…..not sure where he comes from but he seems very happy being with the swans and not with his own……Didn’t seem bothered by me trying to take his photo while he was having a wash…….

Thank you for reading and i hope that you have enjoyed the photographs….This is my first attempt at using photos in a blog or using photos with word for that matter any tips hints or criticism would be gratefully received and useful for next time….I now regard this blog as something of an achievement for me being such a luddite and having to overcome so many problems…..but i made it in the end……Thank you again……

Found this Herron this morning………

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Took this picture this morning, and when i loaded onto the computer i noticed then when i enlarged the photo what stunning colours the Herron has…..Tried to enlarge and save but dont think that worked…..

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Sorry that my earlier blog was blank i am having a few luddite problems today and am struggling to upload text and photos…..so after nearlly getting the completed article ready before the computer crashed i have decided to leave it for today and try again later in the week……

A Stroll along the River Neve with my Camera………….

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River Nene Stroll in Pictures

This goes to prove you never know what is round the corner…..


This is the story of my last 7 days and how it has gone and ended up in the best place just before that I thought it was going to be a complete disaster…….

It all started when the guy next door knocked at the door last Sunday afternoon and introduced himself as he has only been there a few weeks…He seemed pleasant enough and he is Hungarian but speaks very good English…Then he turned the conversation to religion. It turns out he is a born again Christian. I don’t object to religion but I do object to people trying to force their religion on me or anyone else for that matter. I do not have a religion and do not wish to have a religion. (thats a story for another blog) I tried to explain this to him but he was talking too much and not listening and after about half an hour or so he went and left me in peace….
Then on Monday morning at work I had the office bore going on about how he could have won the game for England on Saturday and he went on and on and on and to be honest it was too much for me and I could not cope with it….I thought you went to work to earn money and work for your employer not to chat or natter to your work mates.
Then the dreaded sore throat that heralds the arrival of Man Flu started to show and this just got worse as the day went on, and by Tuesday lunchtime I was feeling very rough and this carried into Tuesday night and in the night I lost a lot of blood through my mouth which was a surprise however I was in a lot of pain with my teeth but my GP knew about this and was dealing with the problem.
I made it to work on Wednesday morning after feeling slightly better when I woke on Wednesday morning however this did not last long and I went downhill past and in the end I was sent to see the company doctor and the rest of this story is subject of my last blog so I won’t repeat it all again…..
Then on Thursday I had to cover the late shift and did not get home due to the dreaded engineering works until 2 am on Friday morning and got to bed for 2.30/2.45 and was up again at half past four but didn’t feel too bad and managed a good day at work and was pleased with that….Then the journey home and the station was packed but East Midlands Trains could only manage to find a 4 coach train and over 40 percent of that was for first class passengers…So I was squashed on to the train unable to move and struggling to breath until we arrived at Wellingborough…..But I made it home and was pleased to be home….Few quick chores including taking the rubbish and recycling to the bins when I heard the thud of someone getting hit and the lady next door came rushing out crying as I was returning from the bins…..Turns out that her husband the born again Christian had hit her and it was a nasty strike from what I could see…. I took her into mine and called the Police for help and advice…..They took over an hour to get someone there who knew what to do and who to speak too and by this time it was five thirty on Friday afternoon and most people had gone home who could help….I persuaded the lady to go to hospital and that the police would help and look after her.
I went to hospital with her and made sure she was ok and by this time the Police had got their act together and things were under control so I left it there and made my way home…. I don’t know what the outcome was as it’s been very quiet all weekend next door but I can only hope that the lady will do the right thing and make a complaint but I have this horrible feeling that she wont and he will persuade her to go back to him as if nothing had happened…….I should add that they have a small baby daughter but I hope he has to attend court and asked to leave the country for his crime but the mother and daughter are allowed to stay and this country helps her start a new life…Fingers crossed I did speak to a support group who offered to talk to her and help her I just hope she accepts this help…After all the so called Christian is just a plain old bully that no one likes….
Still suffering a lot of pain from the mouth and tongue infection and the bruising from the dentist which i am lead to believe could last for months…but on the plus side I have lost some weight over the last couple of months and I am hoping this will continue…Saturday came and it was rugby time as Australia played England in Sydney and I was there watching via the internet and it was a great game with the lead changing hands several times before Jonny kicked a penalty to see England win 21 20 and what a great game and a fantastic performance and the best bit was the England players were proud to wear the shirt unlike the footballers the night before….So proud of the rugby players and i can hold my head up high at work tomorrow and say my England won at the weekend….

I was hoping to see my Daughter today for Father’s Day but her mother put a spanner in the works and said she could not go as she was needed at home…..She would not give or lend her the money for the bus fare either…..We have a system whereby I transfer money from my bank account to my daughters bank account to cover the bus fare….I transferred the money on Thursday and it takes seconds to reach my daughters bank account however for some reason the money is still not in the account…..
Just when I was resided to the fact that my Father’s Day would be spent on my own there was a knock at the door and there was my daughter as she had managed to borrow some money from a neighbour to get the bus so we spent the day watching Invictus (fathers day gift) a fantastic film about rugby and stuffing our faces at Pizza Hut……So in the end it was a great day….

Guess what I am trying to say is you never know what is round the corner or what the next day is going to bring and when you are up you can go down and when you are down and feeling so low don’t give up as you never know who may knock at the door…

Thank you for reading my blog……

NHS vs Private…..I was wrong…….


NHS vs Private……healthcare…….

Well I never thought I would write this blog…..I have for ever since I can remember been a massive fan of the NHS and never believed in private medical care. I am lucky to have an employer who provides me and the girls with private medical care but I was sure I would never want to use it….The NHS were fantastic when 2 years ago a had a large heart attack and a Pulmonary Embolism…

About six weeks ago I had a nasty infection on my tongue and it was very painful, I was given antibiotics and sent me on my way by the GP. My local GP doesn’t not provide a very good service but then it’s a big practice and I get the impression that there are an awful lot of timewasters. So to get to see a doctor it’s a couple of phone calls and a question and answer session with a doctor. Then you get an appointment and then it’s off to the surgery to join queue after queue before getting to see a doctor an hour after the appointment time…..

The first visit helped for a few days then I went downhill again and I saw a different doctor who admitted he didn’t know what had happened or what was wrong and took some swabs and then gave me some new medication and I was sent on my way….With an appointment made for two weeks time to get the test results and see what was needed to get me back to full health….The two weeks passed and I felt slightly better but in true style the swabs had been lost and the doctor still didn’t know what was wrong what had caused the problem of what to do. So he said he would refer me to the hospital and see what they said…. I am still waiting for the hospital to contact me and offer an appointment….Well things have changed this week I have felt very rough and suspected I had man flu but this morning by mid morning I was feeling so ill I was struggling at work and just wanted to crash out….My boss sent me to the company doctor which is a private service offered under the medical insurance. I was there 30 seconds and I was seeing the doctor and he took one look and said. You need to see a dentist as a tooth has moved and is catching the tongue and given you the biggest ulcer i have ever seen. So back to work I went and rang my dentist and asked for an emergency appointment and they offered one in three weeks time….Then changed that to two and a half weeks. I was stunned and didn’t thing I could wait that long.

My boss rang the practice and asked again on my behalf explaining this was an emergency and a letter or referral from a GP could be provided and then if it wasn’t deemed an emergency he would pay… This didn’t work he then spoke to the company legal rep and NHS direct and after about half an hour I was registered with a different dentist in Kettering about 7 miles from home but they wanted to see me this afternoon… I saw the dentist who was puzzled by the tooth that had moved but said I will file the point down to relieve the catching and pain and I will treat the pain and infection and I want to see you in a week to see how things are……Once the infection and pain is under control the dentist has promised to sort the tooth out even though she admitted she didn’t know what to do about it at the moment and may have to see advise from elsewhere…..We had fun and games as they could not get the aesthetic into the area as the infection was so mad and in the end she had to file the tooth without any pain relief and ignore me being a wimp and get the tooth sorted.

Now if it had not been for private medical care I would be sat here this evening feeling worse than I do now and not knowing when the pain was going to end….At least now I know in a few days I will start to feel better….So I have to admit private medical care does have its benefits and I am grateful to my employer for providing this service for me and the girls…. I would also like to thank the new practice for seeing me at such short notice today and the dentist for helping me…….

Thank you for reading my blog……

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