Silent Sunday…………..



The Day the Warriors Came to town…….

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This afternoon at Goldington Road it was the semi final clash in the British and Irish Cup between Bedford Blues (My Team) and Worcester Warriors (Champions Elect)…..The weather was perfect hot and sunny and the pitch looked immaculate. The players warmed up and all was set for a great afternoon of rugby. I didnt think the Blues had a hope but I was hoping we would stay in touch and loose by a couple.

Kick off happened and the Blues applied some early pressure only for the Warriors to get two early breaks and after 4 minutes the Blues found them selves two converted tries down…..I was not happy this was shocking I was on two minds to ask for my money back and go home….This wasn’t what i had paid for….Blues applied more pressure and in the 14th Minute Dan Seal went over for a try and Pritch converted, a flicker of hope but i was still not happy and didn’t think we had a hope in hell of pulling this one off…Then on 17 Minutes the Legend that is TOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPSSSS went between the sticks and again Pritch converted to make the scores level at 14 all.  Then on 23 minutes from a line out Alex Rae goes over but Pritch misses the conversion to make the score 19 14 in the favour of the Blues. Getting a little nervous now and the heart starts to beat faster and faster. A couple of minutes later and a Worcester Penalty narrows the score to 19 17. Then on 30 minutes the try scoring machine known as the legend that is known as Tooooooooppppssssssssss was over again and this time Pritch converts to give the Blues a 26 – 17  lead and thats where the scores stayed until half time…..

The second half got underway with the Blues playing up the slope but within 7 minutes Pritch was over for the 5th Blues try of the afternoon and he promptly converted and this was after early pressure from the Blues and the score was now Blues 33 Warriors 20.  Few minutes later and the Blues had a penalty that Pritch converted then it was the turn of the Warriors to apply pressure and in the far corner they had players over but failed after a forward pass and I feel the Blues got off lightly and that was the turning point in the game as the Warriors didn’t really seam to try 100 percent after that moment…On 60 minutes Handre Schmitz played Edd Thrower in who promptly placed the ball under the sticks and Pritch converted and now the score was Blues 43 Warriors 20.

Then in the 75 minute there was a late try and conversion for the warriors to bring the scores to 43 – 27 and thats how it stayed as the Blues ran the clock down to finish clear winners. This was a great afternoon and who could have expected this result after the first 4 minutes and I am so pleased that we have now reached the Final of the Bristish and Irish Cup and will face Bristol at Bristol on the Weekend of the 7th May 2011……I would just lake to say that I will nominate the legend that is Toooooooppppss as my man of the match and he can be seen below wearing the no8 shirt and i feel it is also worth mentioning the referee who had a fantastic game thank you Sir………I might add that i felt my heart stood up well to the pressure today and I am pleased about that but not sure what the cardiac team would say if they knew……..

Thank You……..

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The purpose of this blog today is just to say a big thank you to all the Doctors and Nurses who looked after me for 6 days over last weekend at Kettering General Hospital…..They were fantastic and nothing was too much trouble…..have to confess the food was very good too and I did manage to eat but back to my old ways of not eating now…..In particular I would like to thank one nurse called Joy who looked after me on the night when i was admitted she took great care of me and was always there when i needed reassurance as I was very frightened at the time….She is getting married very soon I would like to wish her all the best for the future as she deserves it and thank you again…….At the risk of sounding boring I would like to say we are so lucky to have the NHS they do a fantastic job and are always there when needed…..

I would also like to thank someone special to me for all the messages and reassurances you  sent to me, and you know why you are, thank you, (((hugs))) x

Book Review……Marcus Trescothick…..Coming Back to Me…..

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Well its taken me nearly two years but last weekend i finally finished reading the Marcus Trescothick Autobiography. It was a tough read not on the writers part i might add but on my part as it was very close to what i have gone through but i found the book so useful and helpful. Just in case you are not aware he is probably the greatest living opening batsman England have. Marcus is a fantastic sportsman and played test cricket for England from 2000 to 2006 and in that time scored 14 centuries and still plays country Cricket for Somerset. Marcus unfortunately had problems with playing on the overseas tours that lead to his early retirement from test cricket.

When I mentioned to the blokes at work that i was reading this book I was met with the sad but typical comments of didn’t he go loopy, didn’t he loose the plot etc…..but i would not expect anything else from that bunch of losers who just don’t have a clue…

Marcus is very frank in the book and explains what happened and I found this very interesting and a great help and I would recommend anyone who has or does suffer with being homesick has or had depression feels low from time to time or just wants a good book to read should read this book. Marcus only missed is family and there is nothing wrong with that but the press had to try and find something else in the story. I appreciate Marcus for being so frank in the book and bringing this to light.

One part of the book that saddened me was the parts about the good old English press, what a bunch of  losers they are, when Marcus left the India tour early they could not respect his wishes and had to go hunting for the story that wasnt there so guess what when they found nothing they had to make something up. Why do they do this I was pround of our jounralists once but not anymore they are just the gutter press they deserve to be called. Does its matter why he came home early press do you have a right to prey into his life and do you have the right to make up stories about him having affairs and his wife having affairs. The answer is no and i confess i have even less respect for the press now.

The book was a good interesting read and well worth reading, only one fault and not really a fault but on the cover notes there is a quote from Geoffrey Boycott saying brave Marcus is for coping with his illness……Is this the same Geoffrey Boycott who moaned about Michael Yardy leaving the World Cup early in March this year for suffering with depression….Double standards…..there is nothing wrong with depression its a painful experience and support and understanding and not criticism   is what is needed….

Thank you Marcus…….

My Favorite Walk……..

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Random Post

What a stunning morning i awoke to this morning, so not wanting to waste the day i decided to head out and do my favorite walk… off to London i headed and when i arrived on the South Bank i was relieved to see that the tide was out and i was going to be able to walk along the foreshore of the Thames…..Now this is a lovely walk i Start close to the golden Jubilee bridges and walk as far east as i can and this is London Bridge before the water cuts the walk short…..So today of i set and below are some photos from the walk…

A view from the westerner Golden Jubilee bridge as are the photographs below…..

Now onto the foreshore and its a stunning walk….It never fails to amaze me that i am in one of the busiest cities in the world yet there is not a sole around as I walk along by the river….Its beautiful….the smells the sights and the wildlife….The river traffic is busier than ever….

Now this is a lovely restaurant and I hope that a special friend will one day soon allow me to buy her dinner her…I am hoping it will be this summer then we can walk along the south bank afterwards…..

Now this is where the walk stops just before the HMS Belfast and the Pool of London….I love this view of the ship the bridge and the Tower…..

It was a lovely day and i nearly got the perfect photograph or what i thought was the perfect photograph when i tried to get along the foreshore and get a photo of the millennium wheel from under neath….but the tide cut me of and i ended up with wet feet soaked jeans and arms covered in slime….but hey i know for next time and I will get that photograph……

After the walk the weather was stunning and i didnt want to leave so headed for the South Bank where i found a book shop and purchased a book and headed back to the sand and sat and read for a couple of hours before being forced from the foreshore…..but it was a lovely day….

On crossing the Jubilee bridge i was caught up with a con artist….I was taken in and watched…..he had three disc’s on a new paper and one had a silver coin on the back and this was never shown….The idea was to watch and see where the coin would end up…..easy….well no but i watched and people were so keen to give the guy £20.00 to have a guess and loose…..Then a girl appeared and the guy watched her and nodded…..She was the assistant and he let her win and she was off with her £ 20.00…Then the scuffle and I cant believe it buy two blokes almost came to blows to be the first and sure enough they lost……Am i a cynic but i cold see this coming and still cant believe people were queuing up to have a go and loose…..oh well it take all kinds…..but they could have just given me the money……

Lovely day followed by a walk up to Trafalgar square and a quick visit to the Olympic clock and the camp of demonstrators who are again the cuts and a group of Polish people protesting about the Polish aircraft that crashed in Russia with the Polish government on board…They were moaning about Putin and i could not help but wonder why this wasn’t in Russia or Poland but then i guess there are more Poles in England than at home these days and where ever you choose to protest again Russia they will not listen…..Then i came across this chap and his one man reggae band…..

Silent Sunday — The First Bumble Bee….

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